Sandeep Sen
Sandeep Sen
Professor of Computer Science, Shiv Nadar University
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A simple linear time (1+/spl epsiv/)-approximation algorithm for k-means clustering in any dimensions
A Kumar, Y Sabharwal, S Sen
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A simple and linear time randomized algorithm for computing sparse spanners in weighted graphs
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Fully Dynamic Maximal Matching in Update Time
S Baswana, M Gupta, S Sen
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Towards a theory of cache-efficient algorithms
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An efficient output-sensitive hidden surface removal algorithm and its parallelization
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Parallel sorting in two-dimensional VLSI models of computation
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Improved decremental algorithms for maintaining transitive closure and all-pairs shortest paths
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Search for exclusive or semi-exclusive γγ production and observation of exclusive and semi-exclusive e+e− production in pp collisions at TeV
S Chatrchyan, V Khachatryan, AM Sirunyan, A Tumasyan, W Adam, ...
Journal of High Energy Physics 2012 (11), 1-35, 2012
Approximate distance oracles for unweighted graphs in expected O (n 2) time
S Baswana, S Sen
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A Simple Linear Time Algorithm for Computing a (2k — 1)-Spanner of O(n 1+1/k ) Size in Weighted Graphs
S Baswana, S Sen
Automata, Languages and Programming: 30th International Colloquium, ICALP …, 2003
Cache-efficient matrix transposition
S Chatterjee, S Sen
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Shear sort-a true two-dimensional sorting technique for VLSI networks
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Optimal parallel randomized algorithms for three-dimensional convex hulls and related problems
JH Reif, S Sen
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Optimal randomized parallel algorithms for computational geometry
JH Reif, S Sen
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Polling: A new randomized sampling technique for computational geometry
JH Reif, S Sen
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The distance bound for sorting on mesh-connected processor arrays is tight
Y Ma, S Sen, ID Scherson
27th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (sfcs 1986), 255-263, 1986
Random sampling techniques and parallel algorithms design
S Rajasekaran, S Sen
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A simple D 2-sampling based PTAS for k-means and other clustering problems
R Jaiswal, A Kumar, S Sen
Algorithmica 70 (1), 22-46, 2014
Linear Time Algorithms for Clustering Problems in Any Dimensions.
A Kumar, Y Sabharwal, S Sen
ICALP, 1374-1385, 2005
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