Sang Hoon Lee
Sang Hoon Lee
Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Gyeongsang National University
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Statistical properties of sampled networks
SH Lee, PJ Kim, H Jeong
Physical Review E 73 (1), 016102, 2006
Googling Social Interactions: Web Search Engine Based Social Network Construction
SH Lee, PJ Kim, YY Ahn, H Jeong
PLOS ONE 5 (7), e11233, 2010
Detection of Core-Periphery Structure in Networks Using Spectral Methods and Geodesic Paths
M Cucuringu, P Rombach, SH Lee, MA Porter
European Journal of Appled Mathematics 27 (6), 846, 2016
Density-based and transport-based core-periphery structures in networks
SH Lee, M Cucuringu, MA Porter
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Exploring Maps with Greedy Navigators
SH Lee, P Holme
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Critical behavior of the Ising model in annealed scale-free networks
SH Lee, M Ha, H Jeong, JD Noh, H Park
Physical Review E 80 (5), 051127, 2009
The Network Organization of Cancer-associated Protein Complexes in Human Tissues
J Zhao, SH Lee, M Huss, P Holme
Scientific Reports 3, 1583, 2013
Community consistency determines the stability transition window of power-grid nodes
H Kim, SH Lee, P Holme
New Journal of Physics 17, 113005, 2015
Mesoscale analyses of fungal networks as an approach for quantifying phenotypic traits
SH Lee, MD Fricker, MA Porter
Journal of Complex Networks 5 (1), 145, 2016
Building blocks of the basin stability of power grids
H Kim, SH Lee, P Holme
Physical Review E 93 (6), 062318, 2016
Time-dependent community structure in legislation cosponsorship networks in the Congress of the Republic of Peru
SH Lee, J Manuel Magallanes, MA Porter
Journal of Complex Networks 5 (1), 127, 2016
Global organization of protein complexome in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
SH Lee, PJ Kim, H Jeong
BMC Systems Biology 5 (1), 126, 2011
Network nestedness as generalized core-periphery structures
SH Lee
Physical Review E 93 (2), 022306, 2016
Atmospheric Reaction Systems as Null-Models to Identify Structural Traces of Evolution in Metabolism
P Holme, M Huss, SH Lee
PLOS ONE 6 (5), e19759, 2011
Multistability and variations in basin of attraction in power-grid systems
H Kim, SH Lee, J Davidsen, SW Son
New Journal of Physics 20, 113006, 2018
Intellectual interchanges in the history of the massive online open-editing encyclopedia, Wikipedia
J Yun, SH Lee, H Jeong
Physical Review E 93 (1), 012307, 2016
Modeling the dynamics of dissent
E Lee, P Holme, SH Lee
Physica A 486 (C), 262, 2017
Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match: Migration of Populations via Marriages in the Past
SH Lee, R Ffrancon, DM Abrams, BJ Kim, MA Porter
Physical Review X 4 (4), 041009, 2014
Neutral theory of chemical reaction networks
SH Lee, S Bernhardsson, P Holme, BJ Kim, P Minnhagen
New Journal of Physics 14, 033032, 2011
Early onset of structural inequality in the formation of collaborative knowledge in all Wikimedia projects
J Yun, SH Lee, H Jeong
Nature Human Behaviour 3 (2), 155, 2018
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