Richard Wilkinson
Richard Wilkinson
Professor of Statistics, University of Nottingham
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Approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) gives exact results under the assumption of model error
RD Wilkinson
Statistical applications in genetics and molecular biology 12 (2), 129-141, 2013
Dating primate divergences through an integrated analysis of palaeontological and molecular data
RD Wilkinson, ME Steiper, C Soligo, RD Martin, Z Yang, S Tavaré
Systematic biology 60 (1), 16-31, 2011
The emergence of lobsters: phylogenetic relationships, morphological evolution and divergence time comparisons of an ancient group (Decapoda: Achelata, Astacidea, Glypheidea …
HD Bracken-Grissom, ST Ahyong, RD Wilkinson, RM Feldmann, ...
Systematic Biology 63 (4), 457-479, 2014
Accelerating ABC methods using Gaussian processes
R Wilkinson
Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, 1015-1023, 2014
A probabilistic calibration of climate sensitivity and terrestrial carbon change in GENIE-1
PB Holden, NR Edwards, KIC Oliver, TM Lenton, RD Wilkinson
Climate Dynamics 35, 785-806, 2010
Global mean surface temperature and climate sensitivity of the early Eocene Climatic Optimum (EECO), Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), and latest Paleocene
GN Inglis, F Bragg, NJ Burls, MJ Cramwinckel, D Evans, GL Foster, ...
Climate of the Past 16 (5), 1953-1968, 2020
Climate–carbon cycle uncertainties and the Paris Agreement
PB Holden, NR Edwards, A Ridgwell, RD Wilkinson, K Fraedrich, ...
Nature Climate Change 8 (7), 609-613, 2018
Bayesian calibration of expensive multivariate computer experiments
RD Wilkinson
Large‐scale inverse problems and quantification of uncertainty, 195-215, 2010
Active learning in Gaussian process interpolation of potential energy surfaces
E Uteva, RS Graham, RD Wilkinson, RJ Wheatley
The Journal of chemical physics 149 (17), 2018
Balancing the risks of pupils returning to schools
Delve Initiative
DELVE report, 2020
Interpolation of intermolecular potentials using Gaussian processes
E Uteva, RS Graham, RD Wilkinson, RJ Wheatley
The Journal of Chemical Physics 147 (16), 2017
Considering discrepancy when calibrating a mechanistic electrophysiology model
CL Lei, S Ghosh, DG Whittaker, Y Aboelkassem, KA Beattie, CD Cantwell, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 378 (2173), 20190349, 2020
Global sensitivity analysis of the climate–vegetation system to astronomical forcing: an emulator-based approach
N Bounceur, M Crucifix, RD Wilkinson
Earth System Dynamics 6 (1), 205-224, 2015
Emulation and interpretation of high-dimensional climate model outputs
PB Holden, NR Edwards, PH Garthwaite, RD Wilkinson
Journal of Applied Statistics 42 (9), 2038-2055, 2015
Estimating primate divergence times by using conditioned birth-and-death processes
RD Wilkinson, S Tavaré
Theoretical population biology 75 (4), 278-285, 2009
ABC for climate: dealing with expensive simulators
PB Holden, NR Edwards, J Hensman, RD Wilkinson
Handbook of approximate Bayesian computation, 569-95, 2018
Gaussian process manifold interpolation for probabilistic atrial activation maps and uncertain conduction velocity
S Coveney, C Corrado, CH Roney, D O’Hare, SE Williams, MD O’Neill, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 378 (2173), 20190345, 2020
PALEO-PGEM v1. 0: a statistical emulator of Pliocene–Pleistocene climate
PB Holden, NR Edwards, TF Rangel, EB Pereira, GT Tran, RD Wilkinson
Geoscientific Model Development 12 (12), 5137-5155, 2019
Gaussian process modelling for uncertainty quantification in convectively-enhanced dissolution processes in porous media
D Crevillen-Garcia, RD Wilkinson, AA Shah, H Power
Advances in water resources 99, 1-14, 2017
Probabilistic interpolation of uncertain local activation times on human atrial manifolds
S Coveney, C Corrado, CH Roney, RD Wilkinson, JE Oakley, F Lindgren, ...
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 67 (1), 99-109, 2019
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