Yan Gu (谷岩)
Yan Gu (谷岩)
Další jménaYan Gu, Gu Yan, Y. Gu
Professor, Qingdao University, Research Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
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Singular boundary method for solving plane strain elastostatic problems
Y Gu, W Chen, CZ Zhang
International Journal of Solids and Structures 48 (18), 2549-2556, 2011
Application of the meshless generalized finite difference method to inverse heat source problems
Y Gu, L Wang, W Chen, C Zhang, X He
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Y Gu, HG Sun
Applied Mathematical Modelling 78, 539-549, 2020
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F Wang, CM Fan, Q Hua, Y Gu
Applied Mathematics and Computation 364, 124658, 2020
The generalized finite difference method for long-time transient heat conduction in 3D anisotropic composite materials
Y Gu, Q Hua, C Zhang, X He
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Boundary element analysis of the thermal behaviour in thin-coated cutting tools
Y Zhang, Y Gu, JT Chen
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Y Gu, W Chen, C Zhang
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F Wang, Y Gu, W Qu, C Zhang
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The generalized finite difference method for long-time dynamic modeling of three-dimensional coupled thermoelasticity problems
Y Gu
Journal of Computational Physics 384, 42-59, 2019
Fast multipole accelerated singular boundary method for the 3D Helmholtz equation in low frequency regime
W Qu, W Chen, Y Gu
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 70 (4), 679-690, 2015
Investigation on near-boundary solutions by singular boundary method
Y Gu, W Chen, J Zhang
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H Xia, Y Gu
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A BEM formulation in conjunction with parametric equation approach for three-dimensional Cauchy problems of steady heat conduction
F Wang, W Chen, W Qu, Y Gu
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Localized collocation schemes and their applications
Z Fu, Z Tang, Q Xi, Q Liu, Y Gu, F Wang
Acta Mechanica Sinica 38 (7), 422167, 2022
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