Timothy J. Cline
Timothy J. Cline
Aquatic Ecologist, US Geological Survey - NOROCK
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Early warnings of regime shifts: a whole-ecosystem experiment
SR Carpenter, JJ Cole, ML Pace, R Batt, WA Brock, T Cline, J Coloso, ...
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Watershed geomorphology and snowmelt control stream thermal sensitivity to air temperature
PJ Lisi, DE Schindler, TJ Cline, MD Scheuerell, PB Walsh
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Climate change expands the spatial extent and duration of preferred thermal habitat for Lake Superior fishes
TJ Cline, V Bennington, JF Kitchell
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Fisheries portfolio diversification and turnover buffer Alaskan fishing communities from abrupt resource and market changes
TJ Cline, DE Schindler, R Hilborn
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Conditional Heteroskedasticity Forecasts Regime Shift in a Whole-Ecosystem Experiment
DA Seekell, SR Carpenter, TJ Cline, ML Pace
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Fish community dynamics following dam removal in a fragmented agricultural stream
MS Kornis, BC Weidel, SM Powers, MW Diebel, TJ Cline, JM Fox, ...
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Early warnings of regime shifts: evaluation of spatial indicators from a whole‐ecosystem experiment
TJ Cline, DA Seekell, SR Carpenter, ML Pace, JR Hodgson, JF Kitchell, ...
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Resources supporting the food web of a naturally productive lake
RD Batt, SR Carpenter, JJ Cole, ML Pace, TJ Cline, RA Johnson, ...
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Evidence of alternate attractors from a whole-ecosystem regime shift experiment
DA Seekell, TJ Cline, SR Carpenter, ML Pace
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Shifting habitat mosaics and fish production across river basins
SR Brennan, DE Schindler, TJ Cline, TE Walsworth, G Buck, ...
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Predator avoidance during reproduction: diel movements by spawning sockeye salmon between stream and lake habitats
KT Bentley, DE Schindler, TJ Cline, JB Armstrong, D Macias, LR Ciepiela, ...
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Effects of warming climate and competition in the ocean for life-histories of Pacific salmon
TJ Cline, J Ohlberger, DE Schindler
Nature ecology & evolution 3, 935–942, 2019
Climate impacts on landlocked sea lamprey: Implications for host‐parasite interactions and invasive species management
TJ Cline, JF Kitchell, V Bennington, GA McKinley, EK Moody, BC Weidel
Ecosphere 5 (6), 1-13, 2014
Growth response of largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) to catch-and-release angling: a 27-year mark–recapture study
TJ Cline, BC Weidel, JF Kitchell, JR Hodgson
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Long‐term changes in recreational catch inequality in a trout stream
DA Seekell, CJ Brosseau, TJ Cline, RJ Winchcombe, LJ Zinn
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Inter-tributary movements by resident salmonids across a boreal riverscape
KT Bentley, DE Schindler, JB Armstrong, TJ Cline, GT Brooks
PloS one 10 (9), e0136985, 2015
Associations of stream geomorphic conditions and prevalence of alternative reproductive tactics among sockeye salmon populations
LB DeFilippo, DE Schindler, JL Carter, TE Walsworth, TJ Cline, ...
Journal of evolutionary biology 31 (2), 239-253, 2018
Do Daphnia use metalimnetic organic matter in a north temperate lake? An analysis of vertical migration
CJ Brosseau, TJ Cline, JJ Cole, JR Hodgson, ML Pace, BC Weide
Inland Waters 2 (4), 193-198, 2012
Landcover and geomorphology influence streamwater temperature sensitivity in salmon bearing watersheds in Southeast Alaska
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Environmental Research Letters 13 (6), 064034, 2018
Climate change challenges management of invasive sea lamprey in Lake Superior
JF Kitchell, T Cline, V Bennington, G McKinley
Invasive species in a globalized world: ecological, social, and legal …, 2014
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