Yannick Boddez
Yannick Boddez
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What's wrong with fear conditioning?
T Beckers, AM Krypotos, Y Boddez, M Effting, M Kindt
Biological psychology 92 (1), 90-96, 2013
Rating data are underrated: Validity of US expectancy in human fear conditioning
Y Boddez, F Baeyens, L Luyten, D Vansteenwegen, D Hermans, ...
Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry 44 (2), 201-206, 2013
The power of goal-directed processes in the causation of emotional and other actions
A Moors, Y Boddez, J De Houwer
Emotion Review 9 (4), 310-318, 2017
The validity of laboratory-based treatment research: Bridging the gap between fear extinction and exposure treatment
S Scheveneels, Y Boddez, B Vervliet, D Hermans
Behaviour research and therapy 86, 87-94, 2016
A review on the effects of verbal instructions in human fear conditioning: Empirical findings, theoretical considerations, and future directions
G Mertens, Y Boddez, D Sevenster, IM Engelhard, J De Houwer
Biological Psychology 137, 49-64, 2018
Avoidance behavior in chronic pain research: a cold case revisited
S Volders, Y Boddez, S De Peuter, A Meulders, JWS Vlaeyen
Behaviour research and therapy 64, 31-37, 2015
The elusive nature of the blocking effect: 15 failures to replicate.
E Maes, Y Boddez, JM Alfei, AM Krypotos, R D'Hooge, J De Houwer, ...
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 145 (9), e49, 2016
Aversive learning and generalization predict subclinical levels of anxiety: A six-month longitudinal study
B Lenaert, Y Boddez, JW Griffith, B Vervliet, K Schruers, D Hermans
Journal of anxiety disorders 28 (8), 747-753, 2014
Expectancy bias in a selective conditioning procedure: Trait anxiety increases the threat value of a blocked stimulus
Y Boddez, B Vervliet, F Baeyens, S Lauwers, D Hermans, T Beckers
Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry 43 (2), 832-837, 2012
Perceptual and conceptual similarities facilitate the generalization of instructed fear
M Bennett, E Vervoort, Y Boddez, D Hermans, F Baeyens
Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry 48, 149-155, 2015
Individual differences in discriminatory fear learning under conditions of ambiguity: a vulnerability factor for anxiety disorders?
I Arnaudova, AM Krypotos, M Effting, Y Boddez, M Kindt, T Beckers
Frontiers in psychology 4, 44830, 2013
Increasing the selectivity of threat through post-training instructions: Identifying one stimulus as source of danger reduces the threat value of surrounding stimuli
Y Boddez, F Baeyens, D Hermans, S Van der Oord, T Beckers
Journal of Experimental Psychopathology 4 (4), 315-324, 2013
Reduced autobiographical memory specificity affects general distress through poor social support
TJ Barry, M Vinograd, Y Boddez, F Raes, R Zinbarg, S Mineka, ...
Memory 27 (7), 916-923, 2019
Learning to feel tired: A learning trajectory towards chronic fatigue
B Lenaert, Y Boddez, JWS Vlaeyen, CM van Heugten
Behaviour research and therapy 100, 54-66, 2018
Bending rules: The shape of the perceptual generalisation gradient is sensitive to inference rules
Y Boddez, MP Bennett, S van Esch, T Beckers
Cognition and Emotion 31 (7), 1444-1452, 2017
Memories of 100 years of human fear conditioning research and expectations for its future
B Vervliet, Y Boddez
Behaviour Research and Therapy 135, 103732, 2020
Visual affects: Linking curiosity, Aha-Erlebnis, and memory through information gain
S Van de Cruys, C Damiano, Y Boddez, M Król, L Goetschalckx, ...
Cognition 212, 104698, 2021
I sleep with my Mind's eye open: Cognitive arousal and overgeneralization underpin the misperception of sleep
K Takano, Y Boddez, F Raes
Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry 52, 157-165, 2016
A new approach for modeling generalization gradients: A case for hierarchical models
K Vanbrabant, Y Boddez, P Verduyn, M Mestdagh, D Hermans, F Raes
Frontiers in psychology 6, 138519, 2015
Selectivity in associative learning: A cognitive stage framework for blocking and cue competition phenomena
Y Boddez, K Haesen, F Baeyens, T Beckers
Frontiers in psychology 5, 1305, 2014
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