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Andrei Sokolov
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Resonant inversion of tunneling magnetoresistance
EY Tsymbal, A Sokolov, IF Sabirianov, B Doudin
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Switchable induced polarization in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures
CW Bark, P Sharma, Y Wang, SH Baek, S Lee, S Ryu, CM Folkman, ...
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Electric modulation of magnetization at the BaTiO< inf> 3</inf>/La< inf> 0.67</inf> Sr< inf> 0.33</inf> MnO< inf> 3</inf> interfaces
H Lu, TA George, Y Wang, I Ketsman, JD Burton, CW Bark, S Ryu, DJ Kim, ...
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Quantized magnetoresistance in atomic-size contacts
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Characterization of the native CrO oxide surface of CrO
R Cheng, B Xu, CN Borca, A Sokolov, CS Yang, L Yuan, SH Liou, ...
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Isotropic and anisotropic magnetoelastic interactions in heavy and light RCo2 Laves phase compounds
E Gratz, A Lindbaum, AS Markosyan, H Mueller, AY Sokolov
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Emission of neutrinos by neutron stars
DN Voskresenskii, AV Senatorov
JETP 63 (5), 885, 1986
The electronic structure change with Gd doping of< equation>< font face='verdana'> Hf</font>< font face='verdana'> O</font>< sub> 2</sub></equation> on silicon
YB Losovyj, I Ketsman, A Sokolov, KD Belashchenko, PA Dowben, J Tang, ...
Applied Physics Letters 91 (13), 132908-132908-3, 2007
Comparison of n-type Gd2O3 and Gd-doped HfO2
YB Losovyj, D Wooten, JC Santana, JM An, KD Belashchenko, N Lozova, ...
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Gd substitutions in the TmCo2 Laves phase: the onset of long-range magnetic order in the itinerant subsystem
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Application of high spin polarization materials in two terminal non-volatile bistable memory devices
B Doudin, A Sokolov, CS Yang, L Yuan, S Liou
US Patent 6,657,888, 2003
Changing band offsets in copper phthalocyanine to copolymer poly (vinylidene fluoride with trifluoroethylene) heterojunctions
J Xiao, A Sokolov, PA Dowben
Applied physics letters 90 (24), 242907, 2007
Atomic motion in ferromagnetic break junctions
A Sokolov, C Zhang, EY Tsymbal, J Redepenning, B Doudin
Nature Nanotechnology 2 (9), 522-523, 2007
Field-induced noncollinear magnetic structures in Al-stabilized RCo2 Laves phases: Study of the Lu1-yTmy (Co0. 88Al0. 12) 2 system
PE Brommer, IS Dubenko, JJM Franse, RZ Levitin, AS Markosyan, ...
Physica B: Condensed Matter 183 (4), 363-368, 1993
Evidence of martensitic phase transitions in magnetic Ni-Mn-In thin films
A Sokolov, L Zhang, I Dubenko, T Samanta, S Stadler, N Ali
Applied Physics Letters 102 (7), 072407, 2013
Spontaneous and field-induced magnetic phase transitions in the intermetallic compounds (Gd 1− x Y x) Mn 2 Ge 2
AY Sokolov, G Guanghua, SA Granovskii, RZ Levitin, H Wada, M Shiga, ...
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 89 (4), 723-733, 1999
Multiple magnetic phase transitions of Gd1− xLaxMn2Ge2
A Sokolov, H Wada, M Shiga, T Goto
Solid state communications 105 (5), 289-292, 1998
Tunneling electroresistance in multiferroic heterostructures
D Barrionuevo, L Zhang, N Ortega, A Sokolov, A Kumar, P Misra, JF Scott, ...
Nanotechnology 25 (49), 495203, 2014
Temperature dependent induced spin polarization in Cr2O3 overlayers on epitaxial CrO2 films
R Cheng, T Komesu, HK Jeong, L Yuan, SH Liou, B Doudin, PA Dowben, ...
Physics Letters A 302 (4), 211-216, 2002
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