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The Galaxy Evolution Explorer: a space ultraviolet survey mission
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The ultraviolet coronagraph spectrometer for the solar and heliospheric observatory
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The cosmic origins spectrograph
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The on-orbit performance of the Galaxy Evolution Explorer
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Dust attenuation in the nearby universe: A comparison between galaxies selected in the ultraviolet and in the far-infrared
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EUV, X-ray, and Gamma-ray Instrumentation for Astronomy VII
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Recent star formation in the extreme outer disk of M83
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The ultraviolet galaxy luminosity function in the local universe from GALEX data
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The GALEX VIMOS-VLT Deep Survey* Measurement of the Evolution of the 1500 Å Luminosity Function
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New constraints on the star formation histories and dust attenuation of galaxies in the local Universe from GALEX
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The properties of ultraviolet-luminous galaxies at the current epoch
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Delay line anodes for microchannel‐plate spectrometers
M Lampton, O Siegmund, R Raffanti
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Testing the empirical relation between ultraviolet color and attenuation of galaxies
M Seibert, DC Martin, TM Heckman, V Buat, C Hoopes, T Barlow, ...
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ALICE: The ultraviolet imaging spectrograph aboard the New Horizons Pluto–Kuiper Belt mission
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New horizons: Reconnaissance of the pluto-charon system and the kuiper belt …, 2009
Panoramic GALEX far-and near-ultraviolet imaging of M31 and M33
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Development of new photon-counting detectors for single-molecule fluorescence microscopy
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The ultraviolet spectrograph on NASA’s Juno mission
GR Gladstone, SC Persyn, JS Eterno, BC Walther, DC Slater, MW Davis, ...
Space Science Reviews 213, 447-473, 2017
The global-scale observations of the limb and disk (GOLD) mission
RW Eastes, WE McClintock, AG Burns, DN Anderson, L Andersson, ...
Space Science Reviews 212, 383-408, 2017
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