Hua-wen Cao (曹华文)
Hua-wen Cao (曹华文)
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Early Paleozoic tectonic evolution of the North Qinling orogenic belt: Evidence from geochemistry, phase equilibrium modeling and geochronology of metamorphosed mafic rocks …
L Tang, M Santosh, Y Dong, T Tsunogae, S Zhang, H Cao
Gondwana Research 30, 48-64, 2016
The Luanchuan Mo–W–Pb–Zn–Ag magmatic–hydrothermal system in the East Qinling metallogenic belt, China: Constrains on metallogenesis from C–H–O–S–Pb isotope compositions and Rb …
HW Cao, ST Zhang, M Santosh, L Zheng, L Tang, D Li, XH Zhang, ...
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 111, 751-780, 2015
Late Triassic sedimentary records in the northern Tethyan Himalaya: Tectonic link with Greater India
H Cao, Y Huang, G Li, L Zhang, J Wu, L Dong, Z Dai, L Lu
Geoscience Frontiers 9 (1), 273-291, 2018
Genesis of the Cuonadong tin polymetallic deposit in the Tethyan Himalaya: Evidence from geology, geochronology, fluid inclusions and multiple isotopes
HW Cao, GM Li, RQ Zhang, YH Zhang, LK Zhang, ZW Dai, Z Zhang, ...
Gondwana Research 92, 72-101, 2021
Late Cretaceous magmatism and related metallogeny in the Tengchong area: Evidence from geochronological, isotopic and geochemical data from the Xiaolonghe Sn deposit, western …
HW Cao, H Zou, YH Zhang, ST Zhang, L Zheng, LK Zhang, L Tang, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 78, 196-212, 2016
Geology, geochemistry and geochronology of the Jiaojiguanliangzi Fe-polymetallic deposit, Tengchong County, Western Yunnan (China): Regional tectonic implications
HW Cao, ST Zhang, JZ Lin, L Zheng, JD Wu, D Li
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 81, 142-152, 2014
Himalayan leucogranites: A review of geochemical and isotopic characteristics, timing of formation, genesis, and rare metal mineralization
HW Cao, QM Pei, M Santosh, GM Li, LK Zhang, XF Zhang, YH Zhang, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 234, 104229, 2022
Geochronology, geochemistry, fluid inclusion and C, O and Hf isotope compositions of the Shuitou fluorite deposit, Inner Mongolia, China
Q Pei, S Zhang, M Santosh, H Cao, W Zhang, X Hu, L Wang
Ore Geology Reviews 83, 174-190, 2017
In situ trace element and sulfur isotope of pyrite constrain ore genesis in the Shapoling molybdenum deposit, East Qinling Orogen, China
XK Hu, L Tang, ST Zhang, M Santosh, CJ Spencer, Y Zhao, HW Cao, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 105, 123-136, 2019
Multistage processes linked to tectonic transition in the genesis of orogenic gold deposit: A case study from the Shanggong lode deposit, East Qinling, China
L Tang, XK Hu, M Santosh, ST Zhang, CJ Spencer, H Jeon, Y Zhao, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 111, 102998, 2019
Miocene Sn polymetallic mineralization in the Tethyan Himalaya, southeastern Tibet: A case study of the Cuonadong deposit
HW Cao, GM Li, Z Zhang, LK Zhang, SL Dong, XB Xia, W Liang, JG Fu, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 119, 103403, 2020
Geology, geochronology, geochemical characteristics and origin of Baomai porphyry Cu (Mo) deposit, Yulong Belt, Tibet
B Lin, L Wang, J Tang, Y Song, H Cao, MJ Baker, L Zhang, X Zhou
Ore Geology Reviews 92, 186-204, 2018
Timing of formation of the Hongdonggou Pb-Zn polymetallic ore deposit, Henan Province, China: Evidence from Rb-Sr isotopic dating of sphalerites
F Yang, G Wang, H Cao, R Li, L Tang, Y Huang, H Zhang, F Xue, W Jia, ...
Geoscience Frontiers 8 (3), 605-616, 2017
Geology, geochemistry and genesis of the Eocene Lailishan Sn deposit in the Sanjiang region, SW China
HW Cao, QM Pei, ST Zhang, LK Zhang, L Tang, JZ Lin, L Zheng
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 137, 220-240, 2017
The Laqiong Sb-Au deposit: Implications for polymetallic mineral systems in the Tethys-Himalayan zone of southern Tibet, China
HW Cao, H Zou, L Bagas, LK Zhang, Z Zhang, ZQ Li
Gondwana Research 72, 83-96, 2019
U–Pb dating of zircon and cassiterite from the Early Cretaceous Jiaojiguan iron-tin polymetallic deposit, implications for magmatism and metallogeny of the Tengchong area …
HW Cao, YH Zhang, QM Pei, RQ Zhang, L Tang, B Lin, GJ Cai
International Geology Review 59 (2), 234-258, 2017
Triassic alkaline magmatism and mineralization in the Xiong'ershan area, East Qinling, China
L Tang, ST Zhang, F Yang, M Santosh, JJ Li, SW Kim, XK Hu, Y Zhao, ...
Geological Journal 54 (1), 143-156, 2019
Cambrian magmatism in the Tethys Himalaya and implications for the evolution of the Proto‐Tethys along the northern Gondwana margin: A case study and overview
LK Zhang, GM Li, M Santosh, HW Cao, SL Dong, Z Zhang, JG Fu, XB Xia, ...
Geological Journal 54 (4), 2545-2565, 2019
Geochemistry, zircon U–Pb geochronology and Hf isotopes of Jurassic-Cretaceous granites in the Tengchong terrane, SW China: implications for the Mesozoic tectono-magmatic …
HW Cao, YH Zhang, L Tang, SP Hollis, ST Zhang, QM Pei, C Yang, ...
International Geology Review 61 (3), 257-279, 2019
Middle–Late Triassic bimodal intrusive rocks from the Tethyan Himalaya in South Tibet: Geochronology, petrogenesis and tectonic implications
Y Huang, H Cao, G Li, SM Brueckner, Z Zhang, L Dong, Z Dai, L Lu, Y Li
Lithos 318, 78-90, 2018
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