Jeremy T. Young
Jeremy T. Young
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Colloidal semiconductor quantum dots with tunable surface composition
HHY Wei, CM Evans, BD Swartz, AJ Neukirch, J Young, OV Prezhdo, ...
Nano letters 12 (9), 4465-4471, 2012
Emergent equilibrium in many-body optical bistability
M Foss-Feig, P Niroula, JT Young, M Hafezi, AV Gorshkov, RM Wilson, ...
Physical Review A 95 (4), 043826, 2017
Anomalous broadening in driven dissipative Rydberg systems
EA Goldschmidt, T Boulier, RC Brown, SB Koller, JT Young, AV Gorshkov, ...
Physical review letters 116 (11), 113001, 2016
Quench dynamics of a Fermi gas with strong nonlocal interactions
E Guardado-Sanchez, BM Spar, P Schauss, R Belyansky, JT Young, ...
Physical Review X 11 (2), 021036, 2021
Fast quantum state transfer and entanglement renormalization using long-range interactions
Z Eldredge, ZX Gong, JT Young, AH Moosavian, M Foss-Feig, ...
Physical review letters 119 (17), 170503, 2017
Symmetry breaking and error correction in open quantum systems
S Lieu, R Belyansky, JT Young, R Lundgren, VV Albert, AV Gorshkov
Physical Review Letters 125 (24), 240405, 2020
Solvable family of driven-dissipative many-body systems
M Foss-Feig, JT Young, VV Albert, AV Gorshkov, MF Maghrebi
Physical review letters 119 (19), 190402, 2017
Nonequilibrium fixed points of coupled Ising models
JT Young, AV Gorshkov, M Foss-Feig, MF Maghrebi
Physical Review X 10 (1), 011039, 2020
Asymmetric blockade and multiqubit gates via dipole-dipole interactions
JT Young, P Bienias, R Belyansky, AM Kaufman, AV Gorshkov
Physical Review Letters 127 (12), 120501, 2021
Spontaneous avalanche dephasing in large Rydberg ensembles
T Boulier, E Magnan, C Bracamontes, J Maslek, EA Goldschmidt, ...
Physical Review A 96 (5), 053409, 2017
Dissipation-induced dipole blockade and antiblockade in driven Rydberg systems
JT Young, T Boulier, E Magnan, EA Goldschmidt, RM Wilson, SL Rolston, ...
Physical Review A 97 (2), 023424, 2018
Critical theory for the breakdown of photon blockade
JB Curtis, I Boettcher, JT Young, MF Maghrebi, H Carmichael, ...
Physical Review Research 3 (2), 023062, 2021
Nondestructive cooling of an atomic quantum register via state-insensitive Rydberg interactions
R Belyansky, JT Young, P Bienias, Z Eldredge, AM Kaufman, P Zoller, ...
Physical review letters 123 (21), 213603, 2019
Enhancing spin squeezing using soft-core interactions
JT Young, SR Muleady, MA Perlin, AM Kaufman, AM Rey
Physical Review Research 5 (1), L012033, 2023
Quench dynamics of a fermi gas with strong long-range interactions
E Guardado-Sanchez, BM Spar, P Schauss, R Belyansky, JT Young, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.05871, 4, 2020
Feedback-stabilized dynamical steady states in the Bose-Hubbard model
JT Young, AV Gorshkov, IB Spielman
Physical Review Research 3 (043075), 2021
Quantum error correction in a time-dependent transverse-field Ising model
Y Hong, JT Young, AM Kaufman, A Lucas
Physical Review A 106 (2), 022432, 2022
Fast entangled state generation and quantum information transfer in a quantum system with long-range interactions
AV Gorshkov, M Foss-Feig, Z Eldredge, ZX Gong, AH Moosavian, ...
US Patent 10,432,320, 2019
Open quantum dynamics with variational non-Gaussian states and the truncated Wigner approximation
LJ Bond, B Gerritsen, J Minář, JT Young, J Schachenmayer, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2407.02617, 2024
Qubit gate and producing a generalized controlled-not quantum gate
AV Gorshkov, AM Kaufman, JT Young, PD Bienias, R Belyansky
US Patent 12,026,586, 2024
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