Mohamed Amine Ferrag, PhD, SIEEE
Mohamed Amine Ferrag, PhD, SIEEE
Team Leader, Technology Innovation Institute
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Deep learning for cyber security intrusion detection: Approaches, datasets, and comparative study
MA Ferrag, L Maglaras, S Moschoyiannis, H Janicke
Journal of Information Security and Applications 50, 102419, 2020
Blockchain technologies for the internet of things: Research issues and challenges
MA Ferrag, M Derdour, M Mukherjee, A Derhab, L Maglaras, H Janicke
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Security and privacy in fog computing: Challenges
M Mukherjee, R Matam, L Shu, L Maglaras, MA Ferrag, N Choudhury, ...
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Internet of things for the future of smart agriculture: A comprehensive survey of emerging technologies
O Friha, MA Ferrag, L Shu, L Maglaras, X Wang
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Security and privacy for green IoT-based agriculture: Review, blockchain solutions, and challenges
MA Ferrag, L Shu, X Yang, A Derhab, L Maglaras
IEEE access 8, 32031-32053, 2020
Edge-IIoTset: A new comprehensive realistic cyber security dataset of IoT and IIoT applications for centralized and federated learning
MA Ferrag, O Friha, D Hamouda, L Maglaras, H Janicke
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Authentication protocols for internet of things: a comprehensive survey
MA Ferrag, LA Maglaras, H Janicke, J Jiang, L Shu
Security and Communication Networks 2017 (1), 6562953, 2017
DeepCoin: A novel deep learning and blockchain-based energy exchange framework for smart grids
MA Ferrag, L Maglaras
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 67 (4), 1285-1297, 2019
A survey on smart agriculture: Development modes, technologies, and security and privacy challenges
X Yang, L Shu, J Chen, MA Ferrag, J Wu, E Nurellari, K Huang
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A novel hierarchical intrusion detection system based on decision tree and rules-based models
A Ahmim, L Maglaras, MA Ferrag, M Derdour, H Janicke
2019 15th International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor …, 2019
Security for 4G and 5G cellular networks: A survey of existing authentication and privacy-preserving schemes
MA Ferrag, L Maglaras, A Argyriou, D Kosmanos, H Janicke
Journal of Network and Computer Applications 101, 55-82, 2018
Cyber security of critical infrastructures
LA Maglaras, KH Kim, H Janicke, MA Ferrag, S Rallis, P Fragkou, ...
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Rdtids: Rules and decision tree-based intrusion detection system for internet-of-things networks
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Deep learning-based intrusion detection for distributed denial of service attack in agriculture 4.0
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The performance evaluation of blockchain-based security and privacy systems for the Internet of Things: A tutorial
MA Ferrag, L Shu
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 8 (24), 17236-17260, 2021
Blockchain and random subspace learning-based IDS for SDN-enabled industrial IoT security
A Derhab, M Guerroumi, A Gumaei, L Maglaras, MA Ferrag, M Mukherjee, ...
Sensors 19 (14), 3119, 2019
Privacy-preserving schemes for ad hoc social networks: A survey
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Digitization of healthcare sector: A study on privacy and security concerns
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FELIDS: Federated learning-based intrusion detection system for agricultural Internet of Things
O Friha, MA Ferrag, L Shu, L Maglaras, KKR Choo, M Nafaa
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 165, 17-31, 2022
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