Xiu-Hao Deng (邓修豪)
Xiu-Hao Deng (邓修豪)
Další jménaXiuhao Deng
Assistant professor, SIQSE, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)
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Noisy intermediate-scale quantum computers
B Cheng, XH Deng, X Gu, Y He, G Hu, P Huang, J Li, BC Lin, D Lu, Y Lu, ...
Frontiers of Physics 18 (2), 21308, 2023
Low-loss interconnects for modular superconducting quantum processors
J Niu, L Zhang, Y Liu, J Qiu, W Huang, J Huang, H Jia, J Liu, Z Tao, W Wei, ...
Nature Electronics 6 (3), 235-241, 2023
General solution to inhomogeneous dephasing and smooth pulse dynamical decoupling
J Zeng, XH Deng, A Russo, E Barnes
New Journal of Physics 20 (3), 033011, 2018
Fast high-fidelity entangling gates for spin qubits in Si double quantum dots
FA Calderon-Vargas, GS Barron, XH Deng, AJ Sigillito, E Barnes, ...
Physical Review B 100 (3), 035304, 2019
Robustness of error-suppressing entangling gates in cavity-coupled transmon qubits
XH Deng, E Barnes, SE Economou
Physical Review B 96 (3), 035441, 2017
Scalable Method for Eliminating Residual Interaction between Superconducting Qubits
Z Ni, S Li, L Zhang, J Chu, J Niu, T Yan, X Deng, L Hu, J Li, Y Zhong, S Liu, ...
Physical review letters 129 (4), 040502, 2022
Scalable algorithm simplification using quantum AND logic
J Chu, X He, Y Zhou, J Yuan, L Zhang, Q Guo, Y Hai, Z Han, CK Hu, ...
Nature Physics 19 (1), 126-131, 2023
Superconducting circuit simulator of Bose-Hubbard model with a flat band
XH Deng, CY Lai, CC Chien
Physical Review B 93 (5), 054116, 2016
Floquet prethermal phase protected by u (1) symmetry on a superconducting quantum processor
C Ying, Q Guo, S Li, M Gong, XH Deng, F Chen, C Zha, Y Ye, C Wang, ...
Physical Review A 105 (1), 012418, 2022
A universal quantum gate set for transmon qubits with strong ZZ interactions
J Long, T Zhao, M Bal, R Zhao, GS Barron, H Ku, JA Howard, X Wu, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2103.12305, 2021
Suppressing coherent two-qubit errors via dynamical decoupling
J Qiu, Y Zhou, CK Hu, J Yuan, L Zhang, J Chu, W Huang, W Liu, K Luo, ...
Physical Review Applied 16 (5), 054047, 2021
Fast high-fidelity entangling gates in Si double quantum dots
FA Calderon-Vargas, GS Barron, XH Deng, AJ Sigillito, E Barnes, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1902.02350, 2019
Sitewise manipulations and Mott insulator-superfluid transition of interacting photons using superconducting circuit simulators
X Deng, C Jia, CC Chien
Physical Review B 91 (5), 054515, 2015
Parametric four-wave mixing toolbox for superconducting resonators
AV Sharypov, X Deng, L Tian
Physical Review B 86 (1), 014516, 2012
Entanglement-enhanced quantum error-correcting codes
Y Dong, X Deng, M Jiang, Q Chen, S Yu
Physical Review A 79 (4), 042342, 2009
Optimizing quantum control pulses with complex constraints and few variables through autodifferentiation
Y Song, J Li, YJ Hai, Q Guo, XH Deng
Physical Review A 105 (1), 012616, 2022
Protecting superconducting qubits with a universal quantum degeneracy point
XH Deng, Y Hu, L Tian
Superconductor Science and Technology 26 (11), 114002, 2013
Observability of the scalar Aharonov-Bohm effect inside a 3D Faraday cage with time-varying exterior charges and masses
RY Chiao, XH Deng, KM Sundqvist, NA Inan, GA Munoz, DA Singleton, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1411.3627, 2014
Quantum walk mixing is faster than classical on periodic lattices
S Dhamapurkar, XH Deng
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 630, 129252, 2023
Tunable quantum interference effects in Floquet two-and three-level systems
Y Han, M Qiao, XQ Luo, TF Li, W Zhang, XH Deng, JQ You, D Yu
Physical Review A 105 (6), 063724, 2022
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