Alexander Lichtenstein
Alexander Lichtenstein
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First-principles calculations of the electronic structure and spectra of strongly correlated systems: the LDA+ U method
VI Anisimov, F Aryasetiawan, AI Lichtenstein
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 9 (4), 767, 1997
Density-functional theory and strong interactions: Orbital ordering in Mott-Hubbard insulators
AI Liechtenstein, VI Anisimov, J Zaanen
Physical Review B 52 (8), R5467, 1995
Local spin density functional approach to the theory of exchange interactions in ferromagnetic metals and alloys
AI Liechtenstein, MI Katsnelson, VP Antropov, VA Gubanov
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 67 (1), 65-74, 1987
Continuous-time Monte Carlo methods for quantum impurity models
E Gull, AJ Millis, AI Lichtenstein, AN Rubtsov, M Troyer, P Werner
Reviews of Modern Physics 83 (2), 349, 2011
Molecular doping of graphene
TO Wehling, KS Novoselov, SV Morozov, EE Vdovin, MI Katsnelson, ...
Nano letters 8 (1), 173-177, 2008
Hydrogen on graphene: Electronic structure, total energy, structural distortions and magnetism from first-principles calculations
DW Boukhvalov, MI Katsnelson, AI Lichtenstein
Physical Review B 77 (3), 035427, 2008
Half-metallic ferromagnets: From band structure to many-body effects
MI Katsnelson, VY Irkhin, L Chioncel, AI Lichtenstein, RA de Groot
Reviews of Modern Physics 80 (2), 315, 2008
LDA energy bands, low-energy Hamiltonians, t', t'', t_ {perp}(k), and J_ {perp}
OK Andersen, AI Liechtenstein, O Jepsen, F Paulsen
arXiv preprint cond-mat/9509044, 1995
Ab initio calculations of quasiparticle band structure in correlated systems: LDA++ approach
AI Lichtenstein, MI Katsnelson
Physical Review B 57 (12), 6884, 1998
Dynamical Singlets and Correlation-Assisted Peierls Transition in
S Biermann, A Poteryaev, AI Lichtenstein, A Georges
Physical review letters 94 (2), 026404, 2005
Continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo method for fermions
AN Rubtsov, VV Savkin, AI Lichtenstein
Physical Review B 72 (3), 035122, 2005
Frequency-dependent local interactions and low-energy effective models from electronic structure calculations
F Aryasetiawan, M Imada, A Georges, G Kotliar, S Biermann, ...
Physical Review B 70 (19), 195104, 2004
Mott Transition and Suppression of Orbital Fluctuations in Orthorhombic Perovskites
E Pavarini, S Biermann, A Poteryaev, AI Lichtenstein, A Georges, ...
Physical review letters 92 (17), 176403, 2004
Finite-temperature magnetism of transition metals: An ab initio dynamical mean-field theory
AI Lichtenstein, MI Katsnelson, G Kotliar
Physical Review Letters 87 (6), 067205, 2001
Strength of effective Coulomb interactions in graphene and graphite
TO Wehling, E Şaşıoğlu, C Friedrich, AI Lichtenstein, MI Katsnelson, ...
Physical review letters 106 (23), 236805, 2011
Correlated metals and the method
AG Petukhov, II Mazin, L Chioncel, AI Lichtenstein
Physical Review B 67 (15), 153106, 2003
Antiferromagnetism and d-wave superconductivity in cuprates: A cluster dynamical mean-field theory
AI Lichtenstein, MI Katsnelson
Physical Review B 62 (14), R9283, 2000
Dual fermion approach to nonlocal correlations in the Hubbard model
AN Rubtsov, MI Katsnelson, AI Lichtenstein
Physical Review B 77 (3), 033101, 2008
Resonant scattering by realistic impurities in graphene
TO Wehling, S Yuan, AI Lichtenstein, AK Geim, MI Katsnelson
Physical review letters 105 (5), 056802, 2010
First-principles studies of water adsorption on graphene: The role of the substrate
TO Wehling, AI Lichtenstein, MI Katsnelson
Applied Physics Letters 93 (20), 202110, 2008
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