Louis Irving
Louis Irving
University of Tsukuba, School of Life and Environmental Sciences
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Light-induced vegetative anthocyanin pigmentation in Petunia
NW Albert, DH Lewis, H Zhang, LJ Irving, PE Jameson, KM Davies
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Influence of salinity and temperature on seed germination rate and the hydrotime model parameters for the halophyte, Chloris virgata, and the glycophyte, Digitaria sanguinalis
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Carbon assimilation, biomass partitioning and productivity in grasses
LJ Irving
Agriculture 5 (4), 1116-1134, 2015
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Leaf Rubisco turnover in a perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) mapping population: genetic variation, identification of associated QTL, and correlation with …
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Protein turnover in grass leaves
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Host nutrient supply affects the interaction between the hemiparasite Phtheirospermum japonicum and its host Medicago sativa
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Nitrogen addition can improve seedling establishment of N‐sensitive species in degraded saline soils
H Zhang, Y Xiang, LJ Irving, Q Li, D Zhou
Land Degradation & Development, 2018
Effects of light level and nitrogen supply on the red clover–Orobanche minor host–parasite interaction
JI Jokinen, LJ Irving
Plants 8 (6), 146, 2019
Differential carbon allocation to nitrogen-rich patches in Poa annua precedes root proliferation but has no immediate benefit to N uptake
LJ Irving, JKE Vaughan, G Ong, N Schwier, T Hama, DD Cameron
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L Irving, D Robinson
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