Claudio Gonzalez Fuentes
Claudio Gonzalez Fuentes
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Magnetism and spin transport in rare-earth-rich epitaxial terbium and europium iron garnet films
ER Rosenberg, L Beran, CO Avci, C Zeledon, B Song, ...
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Theory of ferromagnetic resonance driven by the combined action of spin-transfer torque and voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy
C Gonzalez-Fuentes, C Garcia, P Landeros, RA Gallardo
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Effect of a metallic surfactant on the electrical percolation of gold films
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Systematic errors in the determination of the spectroscopic g-factor in broadband ferromagnetic resonance spectroscopy: A proposed solution
C Gonzalez-Fuentes, RK Dumas, C García
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The effect of electron-surface scattering and thiol adsorption on the electrical resistivity of gold ultrathin films
R Henriquez, V Del Campo, C Gonzalez-Fuentes, J Correa-Puerta, ...
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Spin diffusion length associated with out-of-plane conductivity of Pt in spin pumping experiments
C Gonzalez-Fuentes, R Henríquez, C García, RK Dumas, B Bozzo, ...
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Anisotropy constant and exchange coupling strength of perpendicularly magnetized CoFeB/Pd multilayers and exchange springs
AF Franco, C Gonzalez-Fuentes, J Åkerman, C Garcia
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Variable variance Preisach model for multilayers with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
AF Franco, C Gonzalez-Fuentes, R Morales, CA Ross, R Dumas, ...
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The free electron model and the electronic energy losses of protons at low velocities interacting with polycrystalline tantalum
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Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids 177 (1-2), 161-172, 2022
Spin Seebeck effect detection by harmonic analysis
C Romanque-Albornoz, C Gonzalez-Fuentes, C Orellana, C Garcia
Applied Physics Letters 116 (24), 2020
Quantum model for the effect of thiols adsorption on resistivity of gold ultrathin films
R Henríquez, C Gonzalez-Fuentes, V del Campo, J Correa-Puerta, ...
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Role of polarizer-tilting-angle in zero-field spin-transfer nano-oscillators with perpendicular anisotropy
C Gonzalez-Fuentes, RA Gallardo, P Landeros
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Influence of the light incidence angle on the precision of generalized magneto-optical ellipsometry
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Electrical transport during growth, aging and oxidation of copper ultrathin films before percolation
F Marín, G Gray, C Gonzalez-Fuentes, V del Campo, P Häberle, ...
Results in Physics 19, 103691, 2020
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