Patrik Recher
Patrik Recher
Institute of Mathematical Physics, TU Braunschweig, Germany
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Andreev tunneling, Coulomb blockade, and resonant transport of nonlocal spin-entangled electrons
P Recher, EV Sukhorukov, D Loss
Physical Review B 63 (16), 165314, 2001
Coherent zero-state and π-state in an exciton–polariton condensate array
CW Lai, NY Kim, S Utsunomiya, G Roumpos, H Deng, MD Fraser, ...
Nature 450 (7169), 529-532, 2007
Quantum dot as spin filter and spin memory
P Recher, EV Sukhorukov, D Loss
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Single valley Dirac fermions in zero-gap HgTe quantum wells
B Büttner, CX Liu, G Tkachov, EG Novik, C Brüne, H Buhmann, ...
Nature Physics 7 (5), 418-422, 2011
Aharonov-Bohm effect and broken valley degeneracy in graphene rings
P Recher, B Trauzettel, A Rycerz, YM Blanter, CWJ Beenakker, ...
Physical Review B 76 (23), 235404, 2007
Bound states and magnetic field induced valley splitting in gate-tunable graphene quantum dots
P Recher, J Nilsson, G Burkard, B Trauzettel
Physical Review B 79 (8), 085407, 2009
Quantum dots and spin qubits in graphene
P Recher, B Trauzettel
Nanotechnology 21 (30), 302001, 2010
Superconductor coupled to two Luttinger liquids as an entangler for electron spins
P Recher, D Loss
Physical Review B 65 (16), 165327, 2002
Phonon-induced backscattering in helical edge states
JC Budich, F Dolcini, P Recher, B Trauzettel
Physical review letters 108 (8), 086602, 2012
Renormalization group approach for the scattering off a single Rashba impurity in a helical liquid
F Crépin, JC Budich, F Dolcini, P Recher, B Trauzettel
Physical Review B 86 (12), 121106, 2012
Dynamical coulomb blockade and spin-entangled electrons
P Recher, D Loss
Physical review letters 91 (26), 267003, 2003
Tomonaga-luttinger liquid features in ballistic single-walled carbon nanotubes: Conductance and shot noise
NY Kim, P Recher, WD Oliver, Y Yamamoto, J Kong, H Dai
Physical review letters 99 (3), 036802, 2007
The Aharonov–Bohm effect in graphene rings
J Schelter, P Recher, B Trauzettel
Solid state communications 152 (15), 1411-1419, 2012
Electron spins in quantum dots for spintronics and quantum computation
HA Engel, P Recher, D Loss
Solid state communications 119 (4-5), 229-236, 2001
Fano resonances in Majorana bound states–quantum dot hybrid systems
A Schuray, L Weithofer, P Recher
Physical Review B 96 (8), 085417, 2017
Bound states and persistent currents in topological insulator rings
P Michetti, P Recher
Physical Review B 83 (12), 125420, 2011
Electric field control of spin rotation in bilayer graphene
P Michetti, P Recher, G Iannaccone
Nano letters 10 (11), 4463-4469, 2010
Proposal for an all-electrical detection of crossed Andreev reflection in topological insulators
RW Reinthaler, P Recher, EM Hankiewicz
Physical Review Letters 110 (22), 226802, 2013
Charge-spin duality in nonequilibrium transport of helical liquids
CX Liu, JC Budich, P Recher, B Trauzettel
Physical Review B 83 (3), 035407, 2011
Correspondence between Andreev reflection and Klein tunneling in bipolar graphene
CWJ Beenakker, AR Akhmerov, P Recher, J Tworzydło
Physical Review B 77 (7), 075409, 2008
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