Takuya Kitagawa
Takuya Kitagawa
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Topological characterization of periodically driven quantum systems
T Kitagawa, E Berg, M Rudner, E Demler
Physical Review B 82 (23), 235114, 2010
Relaxation and prethermalization in an isolated quantum system
M Gring, M Kuhnert, T Langen, T Kitagawa, B Rauer, M Schreitl, I Mazets, ...
Science 337 (6100), 1318-1322, 2012
Transport properties of nonequilibrium systems under the application of light: Photoinduced quantum Hall insulators without Landau levels
T Kitagawa, T Oka, A Brataas, L Fu, E Demler
Physical Review B 84 (23), 235108, 2011
Direct measurement of the Zak phase in topological Bloch bands
M Atala, M Aidelsburger, JT Barreiro, D Abanin, T Kitagawa, E Demler, ...
Nature Physics 9 (12), 795-800, 2013
Majorana fermions in equilibrium and in driven cold-atom quantum wires
L Jiang, T Kitagawa, J Alicea, AR Akhmerov, D Pekker, G Refael, JI Cirac, ...
Physical review letters 106 (22), 220402, 2011
Observation of topologically protected bound states in photonic quantum walks
T Kitagawa, MA Broome, A Fedrizzi, MS Rudner, E Berg, I Kassal, ...
Nature communications 3 (1), 882, 2012
Exploring topological phases with quantum walks
T Kitagawa, MS Rudner, E Berg, E Demler
Physical Review A 82 (3), 033429, 2010
Topological phenomena in quantum walks: elementary introduction to the physics of topological phases
T Kitagawa
Quantum Information Processing 11, 1107-1148, 2012
The dynamics and prethermalization of one-dimensional quantum systems probed through the full distributions of quantum noise
T Kitagawa, A Imambekov, J Schmiedmayer, E Demler
New Journal of Physics 13 (7), 073018, 2011
Interferometric approach to measuring band topology in 2D optical lattices
DA Abanin, T Kitagawa, I Bloch, E Demler
Physical review letters 110 (16), 165304, 2013
Prethermalization revealed by the relaxation dynamics of full distribution functions
DA Smith, M Gring, T Langen, M Kuhnert, B Rauer, R Geiger, T Kitagawa, ...
New Journal of Physics 15 (7), 075011, 2013
Anomalous expansion of attractively interacting fermionic atoms in an optical lattice
L Hackermüller, U Schneider, M Moreno-Cardoner, T Kitagawa, T Best, ...
Science 327 (5973), 1621-1624, 2010
Ramsey interference in one-dimensional systems: the full distribution function of fringe contrast as a probe of many-body dynamics
T Kitagawa, S Pielawa, A Imambekov, J Schmiedmayer, V Gritsev, ...
Physical Review Letters 104 (25), 255302, 2010
Multimode dynamics and emergence of a characteristic length scale in a one-dimensional quantum system
M Kuhnert, R Geiger, T Langen, M Gring, B Rauer, T Kitagawa, E Demler, ...
Physical Review Letters 110 (9), 090405, 2013
Correlated phases of bosons in tilted frustrated lattices
S Pielawa, T Kitagawa, E Berg, S Sachdev
Physical Review B 83 (20), 205135, 2011
Cooling through optimal control of quantum evolution
A Rahmani, T Kitagawa, E Demler, C Chamon
Physical Review A 87 (4), 043607, 2013
Phase-sensitive measurements of order parameters for ultracold atoms through two-particle interferometry
T Kitagawa, A Aspect, M Greiner, E Demler
Physical Review Letters 106 (11), 115302, 2011
Signatures of the superfluid to Mott insulator transition in equilibrium and in dynamical ramps
D Pekker, B Wunsch, T Kitagawa, E Manousakis, AS Sørensen, E Demler
Physical Review B 86 (14), 144527, 2012
Nanoscale corrosion behavior of polycrystalline copper fine wires in dilute NaCl solution investigated by in-situ atomic force microscopy
S Ogata, N Kobayashi, T Kitagawa, S Shima, A Fukunaga, C Takatoh, ...
Corrosion Science 105, 177-182, 2016
Photoinduced helical metal and magnetization in two-dimensional electron systems with spin-orbit coupling
T Ojanen, T Kitagawa
Physical Review B 85 (16), 161202, 2012
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