Huihui Wang
Huihui Wang
Full Teaching Professor and Director of Computing Programs, Northeastern University
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Intelligent fault diagnosis of the high-speed train with big data based on deep neural networks
H Hu, B Tang, X Gong, W Wei, H Wang
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Image and audio caps: automated captioning of background sounds and images using deep learning
M Poongodi, M Hamdi, H Wang
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Peer-to-peer trust management in intelligent transportation system: An Aumann’s agreement theorem based approach
TR Ramesh, M Vijayaragavan, M Poongodi, M Hamdi, H Wang, ...
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Urban Traffic Control in Software Defined Internet of Things via a Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
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Lexicon-enhanced LSTM with attention for general sentiment analysis
X Fu, J Yang, J Li, M Fang, H Wang
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A tensor-based multiattributes visual feature recognition method for industrial intelligence
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An energy-efficient networking approach in cloud services for IIoT networks
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A fast CP-ABE system for cyber-physical security and privacy in mobile healthcare network
S Wang, H Wang, J Li, H Wang, J Chaudhry, M Alazab, H Song
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Serum SARS-COV-2 nucleocapsid protein: a sensitivity and specificity early diagnostic marker for SARS-COV-2 infection
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Fog-based marine environmental information monitoring toward ocean of things
J Yang, J Wen, Y Wang, B Jiang, H Wang, H Song
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Blockchain-based sharing and tamper-proof framework of big data networking
J Yang, J Wen, B Jiang, H Wang
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An efficient attribute-based encryption scheme with policy update and file update in cloud computing
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Automatic Classification of Fetal Heart Rate Based on Convolutional Neural Network
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Research and simulation of queue management algorithms in ad hoc networks under DDoS attack
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Design of a real-time ECG filter for portable mobile medical systems
J Li, G Deng, W Wei, H Wang, Z Ming
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Energy balance-based steerable arguments coverage method in WSNs
W Wei, Z Sun, H Song, H Wang, X Fan, X Chen
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Integrated Generative Model for Industrial Anomaly Detection via Bi-directional LSTM and Attention Mechanism
F Kong, J Li, B Jiang, H Wang, H Song
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Video tamper detection based on multi-scale mutual information
W Wei, X Fan, H Song, H Wang
Multimedia Tools and Applications 78, 27109-27126, 2019
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