Zack Guido
Zack Guido
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Moving toward the deliberate coproduction of climate science knowledge
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Increased costs to US pavement infrastructure from future temperature rise
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Pacing the post–Last Glacial Maximum demise of the Animas Valley glacier and the San Juan Mountain ice cap, Colorado
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Smallholder farmers' use of mobile phone services in central Kenya
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Will COVID-19 be one shock too many for smallholder coffee livelihoods?
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Connecting climate information producers and users: boundary organization, knowledge networks, and information brokers at Caribbean climate outlook forums
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Fit for purpose? Transforming national meteorological and hydrological services into national climate service centers
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Informing decisions with a climate synthesis product: Implications for regional climate services
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Building a framework for process-oriented evaluation of regional climate outlook forums
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Shocks and cherries: The production of vulnerability among smallholder coffee farmers in Jamaica
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Barriers to urban agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa
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The stresses and dynamics of smallholder coffee systems in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains: a case for the potential role of climate services
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From principles to action: Applying the National Research Council's principles for effective decision support to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's watch office
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Farmer forecasts: Impacts of seasonal rainfall expectations on agricultural decision-making in Sub-Saharan Africa
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Glaciers in Patagonia: Controversy and prospects
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Epidemics and the future of coffee production
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The gnat and the bull do climate outlook forums make a difference?
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Seasonal glacial meltwater contributions to surface water in the Bolivian Andes: A case study using environmental tracers
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Dynamics of population growth in secondary cities across southern Africa
A Zimmer, Z Guido, C Tuholske, A Pakalniskis, S Lopus, K Caylor, ...
Landscape Ecology 35 (11), 2501-2516, 2020
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