John F Boyle
John F Boyle
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Automated reasoning
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Portable programs for parallel processors
RA Overbeek, J Boyle
Saunders College Publishing, 1987
Inorganic geochemical methods in palaeolimnology
JF Boyle
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Atmospheric deposition of phosphorus to land and freshwater
E Tipping, S Benham, JF Boyle, P Crow, J Davies, U Fischer, H Guyatt, ...
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Using multiple archives to understand past and present climate–human–environment interactions: the lake Erhai catchment, Yunnan Province, China
JA Dearing, RT Jones, J Shen, X Yang, JF Boyle, GC Foster, DS Crook, ...
Journal of Paleolimnology 40 (1), 3-31, 2008
Late Pleistocene and Holocene drought events at Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile
MH Marshall, HF Lamb, D Huws, SJ Davies, R Bates, J Bloemendal, ...
Global and Planetary Change 78 (3-4), 147-161, 2011
Rapid elemental analysis of sediment samples by isotope source XRF
JF Boyle
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Detecting atmospheric pollution in surface soils using magnetic measurements: a reappraisal using an England and Wales database
A Blundell, JA Hannam, JA Dearing, JF Boyle
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Controlling factors for the spatial variability of soil magnetic susceptibility across England and Wales
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Pb isotope ratios of lake sediments in West Greenland: inferences on pollution sources
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Lake-sediment evidence for local and remote sources of atmospherically deposited pollutants on Svalbard
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Sedimentary evidence for changes in the pollution status of Taihu in the Jiangsu region of eastern China
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The late-Holocene history of Gormire Lake (NE England) and its catchment: a multiproxy reconstruction of past human impact
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Association between magnetic properties and element concentrations of Liverpool street dust and its implications
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Diatom succession trends in recent sediments from Lake Baikal and their relation to atmospheric pollution and to climate change
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Redox remobilization and the heavy metal record in lake sediments: a modelling approach
J Boyle
Journal of Paleolimnology 26 (4), 423-431, 2001
Sediment heavy metal record in Lake Baikal: natural and antrhopogenic sources
JF Boyle, AW Mackay, NL Rose, RJ Flower, PG Appleby
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Gas seep induced interstitial water circulation: observations and environmental implications
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TBT causes regime shift in shallow lakes
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Environmental Science & Technology 40 (17), 5269-5275, 2006
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