Monika Mierzwa-Hersztek
Monika Mierzwa-Hersztek
Department of Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, University of Agriculture in
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Effect of poultry litter biochar on soil enzymatic activity, ecotoxicity and plant growth
KG Monika Mierzwa-Hersztek, A Baran
Applied Soil Ecology 105, 144–150, 2016
Effects of co-composted maize, sewage sludge, and biochar mixtures on hydrological and physical qualities of sandy soil
T Głąb, A Żabiński, U Sadowska, K Gondek, M Kopeć, ...
Geoderma 315, 27-35, 2018
Degradation of Polyethylene and Biocomponent-Derived Polymer Materials: An Overview
M Mierzwa-Hersztek, K Gondek, M Kopeć
Journal of Polymers and the Environment 27, 600–611, 2019
Mobility of heavy metals in sandy soil after application of composts produced from maize straw, sewage sludge and biochar
K Gondek, M Mierzwa-Hersztek, M Kopeć
Journal of Environmental Management 210, 87-95, 2018
The influence of the quantity and quality of sediment organic matter on the potential mobility and toxicity of trace elements in bottom sediment
A Baran, M Mierzwa-Hersztek, K Gondek, M Tarnawski, M Szara, ...
Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 1-18, 2019
Assessment of energy parameters of biomass and biochars, leachability of heavy metals and phytotoxicity of their ashes
M Mierzwa-Hersztek, K Gondek, M Jewiarz, K Dziedzic
Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management, …, 2019
Contemporary applications of natural and synthetic zeolites from fly ash in agriculture and environmental protection
J Szerement, A Szatanik-Kloc, R Jarosz, T Bajda, M Mierzwa-Hersztek
Journal of Cleaner Production 311, 127461, 2021
Fertilization effects of compost produced from maize, sewage sludge and biochar on soil water retention and chemical properties
T Głąb, A Żabiński, U Sadowska, K Gondek, M Kopeć, ...
Soil and Tillage Research 197, 104493, 2020
Effect of low-temperature biochar derived from pig manure and poultry litter on mobile and organic matter-bound forms of Cu, Cd, Pb and Zn in sandy soil
K Gondek, MH Monika
Soil Use and Management 32, 357–367, 2016
Sewage sludge biochars management - ecotoxicity, mobility of heavy metals and soil microbial biomass
M Mierzwa-Hersztek, K Gondek, A Klimkowicz-Pawlas, A Baran, T Bajda
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 37 (1197-1207), DOI: 10.1002/etc.4045, 2018
Influence of poultry litter and poultry litter biochar on soil microbial respiration and nitrifying bacteria activity
M Mierzwa-Hersztek, A Klimkowicz-Pawlas, K Gondek
Waste and Biomass Valorization 9 (3), 379–389, 2018
Factors influencing chemical quality of composted poultry waste
M Kopeć, K Gondek, M Mierzwa-Hersztek, J Antonkiewicz
Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 25 (8), 1678 – 1686, 2018
Effect of wheat and Miscanthus straw biochars on soil enzymatic activity, ecotoxicity, and plant yield
M Mierzwa-Hersztek, K Gondek, A Klimkowicz-Pawlas, A Baran
International Agrophysics 31 (3), 367-375, 2017
Influence of biochar application on reduced acidification of sandy soil, increased cation exchange capacity, and the content of available forms of K, Mg, and P
K Gondek, M Mierzwa-Hersztek, M Kopeć, J Sikora, T Głąb, ...
Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 28 (1), 103–111, 2019
Effect of the Addition of Biochar and Coffee Grounds on the Biological Properties and Ecotoxicity of Composts
M Kopeć, A Baran, M Mierzwa-Hersztek, K Gondek, MJ Chmiel
Waste and Biomass Valorization 9 (8), 1389–1398, 2018
Direct and residual impacts of zeolite on the remediation of harmful elements in multiple contaminated soils using cabbage in rotation with corn
A Hussain Lahori, M Mierzwa-Hersztek, E Demiraj, R Umer Sajjad, Ali, ...
Chemosphere 250, 126317, 2020
Efect of coapplication of biochar and nutrients on microbiocenotic composition, dehydrogenase activity index and chemical properties of sandy soil
M Mierzwa-Hersztek, K Wolny-Koładka, K Gondek, A Gałązka, ...
Waste and Biomass Valorization,, 2019
The Effect of Low-Temperature Conversion of Plant Materials on the Chemical Composition and Ecotoxicity of Biochars
NT Gondek K., Mierzwa-Hersztek M., Baran A., Szostek M., Pieniążek R ...
Waste and Biomass Valorization 8 (3), 599–609, 2017
The effect of thermal conversion of municipal sewage sludge on the content of Cu, Cd, Pb and Zn and phytotoxicity of biochars
K Gondek, M Mierzwa-Hersztek
Journal of Elementology 22 (2), 427-435, 2017
Assessment of soil quality after biochar application based on enzymatic activity and microbial composition
M Mierzwa-Hersztek, K Gondek, A Klimkowicz-Pawlas, MJ Chmiel, ...
International Agrophysics 33, 331-336, 2019
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