Legi Sam
Legi Sam
Biology Centre CAS, Institute of Entomology, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
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Midpoint attractors and species richness: modelling the interaction between environmental drivers and geometric constraints
RK Colwell, NJ Gotelli, LA Ashton, J Beck, G Brehm, TM Fayle, K Fiedler, ...
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Guidelines for Standardized Global Butterfly Monitoring
C Van Swaay, E Regan, M Ling, E Bozhinovska, M Fernandez, ...
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A positive relationship between ant biodiversity (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and rate of scavenger-mediated nutrient redistribution along a disturbance gradient in a south-east …
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Insect herbivory and herbivores of Ficus species along a rain forest elevational gradient in Papua New Guinea
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Vertical stratification of beetles in tropical rainforests as sampled by light traps in North Queensland, Australia
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Land module of Our Planet Reviewed–Papua New Guinea: aims, methods and first taxonomical results
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Speciation in a keystone plant genus is driven by elevation: a case study in New Guinean Ficus
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Dispersal of butterflies in a N ew G uinea rainforest: using mark–recapture methods in a large, homogeneous habitat
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Is insect vertical distribution in rainforests better explained by distance from the canopy top or distance from the ground?
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Compound Specific Trends of Chemical Defences in Ficus Along an Elevational Gradient Reflect a Complex Selective Landscape
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Journal of chemical ecology 46 (4), 442-454, 2020
Assemblages of fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) along an elevational gradient in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea
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Insect Conservation and Diversity 14 (3), 348-355, 2021
Responses of butterfly (Lepidoptera) communities along an altitudinal forest gradient in Papua New Guinea
L Sam
MSc Thesis, University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, 2011
Ethnobotany of Penis Sheathes (Phallocrypts) in Papua New Guinea
K Sam, L Sam, J Lepš
Botanical Electronic News, 2015
Midpoint attractors and species richness: Modelling the interaction between environmental drivers
RK Colwell, NJ Gotelli, LA Ashton, J Beck, G Brehm, TM Fayle, K Fiedler, ...
Issue: ECOLOGY LETTERS, 19 (9), 0
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