Bo Soo Kang
Bo Soo Kang
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Lanthanum-substituted bismuth titanate for use in non-volatile memories
BH Park, BS Kang, SD Bu, TW Noh, J Lee, W Jo
Nature 401 (6754), 682-684, 1999
Electrical manipulation of nanofilaments in transition-metal oxides for resistance-based memory
MJ Lee, S Han, SH Jeon, BH Park, BS Kang, SE Ahn, KH Kim, CB Lee, ...
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Two series oxide resistors applicable to high speed and high density nonvolatile memory
MJ Lee, Y Park, DS Suh, EH Lee, S Seo, DC Kim, R Jung, BS Kang, ...
Advanced Materials 19 (22), 3919-3923, 2007
2-stack 1D-1R cross-point structure with oxide diodes as switch elements for high density resistance RAM applications
MJ Lee, Y Park, BS Kang, SE Ahn, C Lee, K Kim, W Xianyu, G Stefanovich, ...
2007 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, 771-774, 2007
Low‐temperature‐grown transition metal oxide based storage materials and oxide transistors for high‐density non‐volatile memory
MJ Lee, SI Kim, CB Lee, H Yin, SE Ahn, BS Kang, KH Kim, JC Park, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 19 (10), 1587-1593, 2009
Effects of metal electrodes on the resistive memory switching property of NiO thin films
CB Lee, BS Kang, A Benayad, MJ Lee, SE Ahn, KH Kim, G Stefanovich, ...
Applied Physics Letters 93 (4), 042115, 2008
Write current reduction in transition metal oxide based resistance change memory
SE Ahn, MJ Lee, Y Park, BS Kang, CB Lee, KH Kim, S Seo, DS Suh, ...
Advanced materials 20 (5), 924-928, 2008
High‐Current‐Density CuO x/InZnOx Thin‐Film Diodes for Cross‐Point Memory Applications
BS Kang, SE Ahn, MJ Lee, G Stefanovich, KH Kim, WX Xianyu, CB Lee, ...
Advanced Materials 20 (16), 3066-3069, 2008
Oxide double‐layer nanocrossbar for ultrahigh‐density bipolar resistive memory
SH Chang, SB Lee, DY Jeon, SJ Park, GT Kim, SM Yang, SC Chae, ...
Advanced materials 23 (35), 4063-4067, 2011
Stack friendly all-oxide 3D RRAM using GaInZnO peripheral TFT realized over glass substrates
MJ Lee, CB Lee, S Kim, H Yin, J Park, SE Ahn, BS Kang, KH Kim, ...
2008 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, 1-4, 2008
Different fatigue behaviors of and films: Role of perovskite layers
BS Kang, BH Park, SD Bu, SH Kang, TW Noh
Applied physics letters 75 (17), 2644-2646, 1999
Electromigration effect of Ni electrodes on the resistive switching characteristics of NiO thin films
CB Lee, BS Kang, MJ Lee, SE Ahn, G Stefanovich, WX Xianyu, KH Kim, ...
Applied Physics Letters 91 (8), 082104, 2007
Resistive switching transition induced by a voltage pulse in a Pt/NiO/Pt structure
I Hwang, MJ Lee, GH Buh, J Bae, J Choi, JS Kim, S Hong, YS Kim, ...
Applied Physics Letters 97 (5), 052106, 2010
Scaling theory for unipolar resistance switching
JS Lee, SB Lee, SH Chang, LG Gao, BS Kang, MJ Lee, CJ Kim, TW Noh, ...
Physical review letters 105 (20), 205701, 2010
Low field magnetotransport properties of nanocomposite films
BS Kang, H Wang, JL MacManus-Driscoll, Y Li, QX Jia, I Mihut, JB Betts
Applied physics letters 88 (19), 192514, 2006
Roles of the first atomic layers in growth of films on substrates
DW Kim, DH Kim, BS Kang, TW Noh, DR Lee, KB Lee
Applied physics letters 74 (15), 2176-2178, 1999
Composition dependence of the ferroelectric properties of lanthanum-modified bismuth titanate thin films grown by using pulsed-laser deposition
SD Bu, BS Kang, BH Park, TW Noh
Journal of the Korean physical society 36 (1), 9-12, 2000
Resistive random access memory
C Lee, Y Park, M Lee, B Kang, S Ahn, K Kim
US Patent App. 12/379,719, 2009
Comparative structural and electrical analysis of NiO and Ti doped NiO as materials for resistance random access memory
MJ Lee, Y Park, SE Ahn, BS Kang, CB Lee, KH Kim, WX Xianyu, IK Yoo, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 103 (1), 013706, 2008
Interface-modified random circuit breaker network model applicable to both bipolar and unipolar resistance switching
SB Lee, JS Lee, SH Chang, HK Yoo, BS Kang, B Kahng, MJ Lee, CJ Kim, ...
Applied Physics Letters 98 (3), 033502, 2011
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