John E Peterson
John E Peterson
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Review of the national ignition campaign 2009-2012
J Lindl, O Landen, J Edwards, E Moses, NIC team
Physics of Plasmas 21 (2), 2014
Distributed acoustic sensing for seismic monitoring of the near surface: A traffic-noise interferometry case study
S Dou, N Lindsey, AM Wagner, TM Daley, B Freifeld, M Robertson, ...
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Applications of algebraic reconstruction techniques to crosshole seismic data
JE Peterson, BNP Paulsson, TV McEvilly
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Estimation of permeable pathways and water content using tomographic radar data
SS Hubbard, JE Peterson Jr, EL Majer, PT Zawislanski, KH Williams, ...
The leading EDGE 16 (11), 1623-1630, 1997
Estimation of field‐scale soil hydraulic and dielectric parameters through joint inversion of GPR and hydrological data
MB Kowalsky, S Finsterle, J Peterson, S Hubbard, Y Rubin, E Majer, ...
Water Resources Research 41 (11), 2005
Time-lapse crosswell seismic and VSP monitoring of injected CO2 in a brine aquifer
TM Daley, LR Myer, JE Peterson, EL Majer, GM Hoversten
Environmental Geology 54, 1657-1665, 2008
Hydrogeological characterization of the South Oyster Bacterial Transport Site using geophysical data
SS Hubbard, J Chen, J Peterson, EL Majer, KH Williams, DJ Swift, ...
Water Resources Research 37 (10), 2431-2456, 2001
Beyond ray tomography: Wavepaths and Fresnel volumes
DW Vasco, JE Peterson Jr, EL Majer
Geophysics 60 (6), 1790-1804, 1995
The impact of injection on seismicity at The Geysers, California Geothermal Field
EL Majer, JE Peterson
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 44 (8), 1079-1090, 2007
Pre-inversion corrections and analysis of radar tomographic data
JE Peterson, Jr
Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics 6 (1), 1-18, 2001
Quantifying and relating land-surface and subsurface variability in permafrost environments using LiDAR and surface geophysical datasets
SS Hubbard, C Gangodagamage, B Dafflon, H Wainwright, J Peterson, ...
Hydrogeology Journal 1 (21), 149-169, 2013
High-resolution characterization of a CO2 plume using crosswell seismic tomography: Cranfield, MS, USA
JB Ajo-Franklin, J Peterson, J Doetsch, TM Daley
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 18, 497-509, 2013
In situ long-term reductive bioimmobilization of Cr (VI) in groundwater using hydrogen release compound
B Faybishenko, TC Hazen, PE Long, EL Brodie, ME Conrad, SS Hubbard, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 42 (22), 8478-8485, 2008
Joint inversion of crosshole radar and seismic traveltimes acquired at the South Oyster Bacterial Transport Site
N Linde, A Tryggvason, JE Peterson, SS Hubbard
Geophysics 73 (4), G29-G37, 2008
Identifying multiscale zonation and assessing the relative importance of polygon geomorphology on carbon fluxes in an Arctic tundra ecosystem
HM Wainwright, B Dafflon, LJ Smith, MS Hahn, JB Curtis, Y Wu, C Ulrich, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 120 (4), 788-808, 2015
An inverse approach to the construction of fracture hydrology models conditioned by geophysical data: An example from the validation exercises at the Stripa Mine
JCS Long, K Karasaki, A Davey, J Peterson, M Landsfeld, J Kemeny, ...
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences & Geomechanics …, 1991
Expression of pili from Bacteroides nodosus in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
TC Elleman, PA Hoyne, DJ Stewart, NM McKern, JE Peterson
Journal of bacteriology 168 (2), 574-580, 1986
High-speed volumetric two-photon fluorescence imaging of neurovascular dynamics
JL Fan, JA Rivera, W Sun, J Peterson, H Haeberle, S Rubin, N Ji
Nature communications 11 (1), 6020, 2020
Experimental detection of reinforcing bar corrosion using nondestructive geophysical techniques
SS Hubbard, J Zhang, PJM Monteiro, JE Peterson, Y Rubin
Materials Journal 100 (6), 501-510, 2003
Monitoring CO2 Intrusion and Associated Geochemical Transformations in a Shallow Groundwater System Using Complex Electrical Methods
B Dafflon, Y Wu, SS Hubbard, JT Birkholzer, TM Daley, JD Pugh, ...
Environmental science & technology 47 (1), 314-321, 2013
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