Brian LaBombard
Brian LaBombard
MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center
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Power and particle control
A Loarte, B Lipschultz, AS Kukushkin, GF Matthews, PC Stangeby, ...
Nuclear Fusion 47 (6), S203, 2007
Scaling of the tokamak near the scrape-off layer H-mode power width and implications for ITER
T Eich, AW Leonard, RA Pitts, W Fundamenski, RJ Goldston, TK Gray, ...
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First results from Alcator‐C‐MOD
IH Hutchinson, R Boivin, F Bombarda, P Bonoli, S Fairfax, C Fiore, ...
Physics of Plasmas 1 (5), 1511-1518, 1994
Particle transport in the scrape-off layer and its relationship to discharge density limit in Alcator C-Mod
B LaBombard, RL Boivin, M Greenwald, J Hughes, B Lipschultz, ...
Physics of Plasmas 8 (5), 2107-2117, 2001
Edge turbulence measurements in toroidal fusion devices
SJ Zweben, JA Boedo, O Grulke, C Hidalgo, B LaBombard, RJ Maqueda, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 49 (7), S1, 2007
Marfe: an edge plasma phenomenon
B Lipschultz, B LaBombard, ES Marmar, MM Pickrell, JL Terry, ...
Nuclear Fusion 24 (8), 977, 1984
Transport-driven scrape-off-layer flows and the boundary conditions imposed at the magnetic separatrix in a tokamak plasma
B LaBombard, JE Rice, AE Hubbard, JW Hughes, M Greenwald, J Irby, ...
Nuclear fusion 44 (10), 1047, 2004
Energy confinement of high-density pellet-fueled plasmas in the Alcator C tokamak
M Greenwald, D Gwinn, S Milora, J Parker, R Parker, S Wolfe, M Besen, ...
Physical review letters 53 (4), 352, 1984
Edge turbulence imaging in the Alcator C-Mod tokamak
SJ Zweben, DP Stotler, JL Terry, B LaBombard, M Greenwald, ...
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Overview of the SPARC tokamak
AJ Creely, MJ Greenwald, SB Ballinger, D Brunner, J Canik, J Doody, ...
Journal of Plasma Physics 86 (5), 865860502, 2020
Universality of intermittent convective transport in the scrape-off layer of magnetically confined devices
GY Antar, G Counsell, Y Yu, B Labombard, P Devynck
Physics of Plasmas 10 (2), 419-428, 2003
Observations of the turbulence in the scrape-off-layer of Alcator C-Mod and comparisons with simulation
JL Terry, SJ Zweben, K Hallatschek, B LaBombard, RJ Maqueda, B Bai, ...
Physics of Plasmas 10 (5), 1739-1747, 2003
H mode confinement in Alcator C-Mod
M Greenwald, RL Boivin, F Bombarda, PT Bonoli, CL Fiore, D Garnier, ...
Nuclear Fusion 37 (6), 793, 1997
Characterization of enhanced high-confinement modes in Alcator C-Mod
M Greenwald, R Boivin, P Bonoli, R Budny, C Fiore, J Goetz, R Granetz, ...
Physics of Plasmas 6 (5), 1943-1949, 1999
Edge radial electric field structure and its connections to H-mode confinement in Alcator C-Mod plasmas
RM McDermott, B Lipschultz, JW Hughes, PJ Catto, AE Hubbard, ...
Physics of Plasmas 16 (5), 2009
Plasma–surface interaction, scrape-off layer and divertor physics: implications for ITER
B Lipschultz, X Bonnin, G Counsell, A Kallenbach, A Kukushkin, K Krieger, ...
Nuclear Fusion 47 (9), 1189, 2007
Volume recombination and opacity in Alcator C-Mod divertor plasmas
JL Terry, B Lipschultz, AY Pigarov, SI Krasheninnikov, B LaBombard, ...
Physics of Plasmas 5 (5), 1759-1766, 1998
Radially propagating fluctuation structures in the scrape-off layer of Alcator C-Mod
O Grulke, JL Terry, B LaBombard, SJ Zweben
Physics of Plasmas 13 (1), 2006
Plasma recombination and molecular effects in tokamak divertors and divertor simulators
SI Krasheninnikov, AY Pigarov, DA Knoll, B LaBombard, B Lipschultz, ...
Physics of Plasmas 4 (5), 1638-1646, 1997
Gyrokinetic projection of the divertor heat-flux width from present tokamaks to ITER
CS Chang, S Ku, A Loarte, V Parail, F Koechl, M Romanelli, R Maingi, ...
Nuclear Fusion 57 (11), 116023, 2017
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