Masashi Murakami
Masashi Murakami
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Reciprocal subsidies: dynamic interdependence between terrestrial and aquatic food webs
S Nakano, M Murakami
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 98 (1), 166-170, 2001
Fish invasion restructures stream and forest food webs by interrupting reciprocal prey subsidies
CV Baxter, KD Fausch, M Murakami, PL Chapman
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The global distribution of diet breadth in insect herbivores
ML Forister, V Novotny, AK Panorska, L Baje, Y Basset, PT Butterill, ...
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Indirect effect of aquatic insect emergence on a terrestrial insect population through by birds predation
M Murakami, S Nakano
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Stream meanders increase insectivorous bird abundance in riparian deciduous forests
T Iwata, S Nakano, M Murakami
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Water temperature determines strength of top‐down control in a stream food web
D Kishi, M Murakami, S Nakano, K Maekawa
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Invading rainbow trout usurp a terrestrial prey subsidy from native charr and reduce their growth and abundance
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KD Fausch, CV Baxter, M Murakami
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M Murakami, N Ohte, T Suzuki, N Ishii, Y Igarashi, K Tanoi
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Spatio‐temporal variation in Lepidopteran larval assemblages associated with oak, Quercus crispula: the importance of leaf quality
M Murakami, K Yoshida, H Hara, MJ Toda
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Stream food web fueled by methane-derived carbon
A Kohzu, C Kato, T Iwata, D Kishi, M Murakami, S Nakano, E Wada
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Timescale hierarchy determines the indirect effects of fluctuating subsidy inputs on in situ resources
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Species-specific bird functions in a forest-canopy food web
M Murakami, S Nakano
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences …, 2000
Linkages between stream and forest food webs: Shigeru Nakano's legacy for ecology in Japan
KD Fausch, ME Power, M Murakami
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Estimation of radioactive 137-cesium transportation by litterfall, stemflow and throughfall in the forests of Fukushima
I Endo, N Ohte, K Iseda, K Tanoi, A Hirose, NI Kobayashi, M Murakami, ...
Journal of environmental radioactivity 149, 176-185, 2015
Importance of the understory stratum to entomofaunal diversity in a temperate deciduous forest
T Hirao, M Murakami, A Kashizaki
Ecological Research 24, 263-272, 2009
Effects of Herbivory and Light Conditions on Induced Defense in Quercus crispula
E Nabeshima, M Murakami, T Hiura
Journal of Plant Research 114, 403-409, 2001
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