Andres Tejada-Martinez
Andres Tejada-Martinez
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Langmuir supercells: A mechanism for sediment resuspension and transport in shallow seas
A Gargett, J Wells, AE Tejada-Martinez, CE Grosch
Science 306 (5703), 1925-1928, 2004
Langmuir turbulence in shallow water. Part 2. Large-eddy simulation
AE Tejada-Martinez, CE Grosch
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Developments in computational fluid dynamics-based modeling for disinfection technologies over the last two decades: A review
J Zhang, AE Tejada-Martínez, Q Zhang
Environmental modelling & software 58, 71-85, 2014
A new variational multiscale formulation for stratified incompressible turbulent flows
J Yan, A Korobenko, AE Tejada-Martinez, R Golshan, Y Bazilevs
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Direct numerical simulation of turbulent channel flows using a stabilized finite element method
AV Trofimova, AE Tejada-Martínez, KE Jansen, RT Lahey Jr
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Rapid generation of high‐frequency internal waves beneath a wind and wave forced oceanic surface mixed layer
JA Polton, JA Smith, JA MacKinnon, AE Tejada‐Martínez
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Evaluating hydraulic and disinfection efficiencies of a full-scale ozone contactor using a RANS-based modeling framework
J Zhang, AE Tejada-Martínez, Q Zhang, H Lei
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A parameter-free dynamic subgrid-scale model for large-eddy simulation
AE Tejada-Martínez, KE Jansen
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 195 (23-24), 2919-2938, 2006
On the interaction between dynamic model dissipation and numerical dissipation due to streamline upwind/Petrov–Galerkin stabilization
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A dynamic Smagorinsky model with dynamic determination of the filter width ratio
AE Tejada-Martı́nez, KE Jansen
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Use of physical and biological process models to understand the performance of tubular anaerobic digesters
MN Kinyua, J Zhang, F Camacho-Céspedes, A Tejada-Martinez, SJ Ergas
Biochemical Engineering Journal 107, 35-44, 2016
An evaluation of the variational multiscale model for large-eddy simulation while using a hierarchical basis
K Jansen, A Tejada-Martinez
40th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting & Exhibit, 283, 2002
A hybrid spectral/finite-difference large-eddy simulator of turbulent processes in the upper ocean
AE Tejada-Martı, CE Grosch, AE Gargett, JA Polton, JA Smith, ...
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Impact of sludge layer geometry on the hydraulic performance of a waste stabilization pond
FR Ouedraogo, J Zhang, PK Cornejo, Q Zhang, JR Mihelcic, ...
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Taenia eggs in a stabilization pond system with poor hydraulics: concern for human cysticercosis?
ME Verbyla, SM Oakley, LA Lizima, J Zhang, M Iriarte, ...
Water Science and Technology 68 (12), 2698-2703, 2013
Hydraulic efficiency in RANS of the flow in multichambered contactors
J Zhang, AE Tejada-Martínez, Q Zhang
Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 139 (11), 1150-1157, 2013
Toward a K-profile parameterization of Langmuir turbulence in shallow coastal shelves
N Sinha, AE Tejada-Martínez, C Akan, CE Grosch
Journal of Physical Oceanography 45 (12), 2869-2895, 2015
Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes simulation of the flow and tracer transport in a multichambered ozone contactor
J Zhang, AE Tejada-Martínez, Q Zhang
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Disruption of the bottom log layer in large-eddy simulations of full-depth Langmuir circulation
AE Tejada-Martínez, CE Grosch, N Sinha, C Akan, G Martinat
Journal of fluid mechanics 699, 79-93, 2012
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