Sherilyn C Fritz
Sherilyn C Fritz
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The history of South American tropical precipitation for the past 25,000 years
PA Baker, GO Seltzer, SC Fritz, RB Dunbar, MJ Grove, PM Tapia, ...
science 291 (5504), 640-643, 2001
Tropical climate changes at millennial and orbital timescales on the Bolivian Altiplano
PA Baker, CA Rigsby, GO Seltzer, SC Fritz, TK Lowenstein, NP Bacher, ...
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SC Fritz, SJ Juggins, RW Battarbee, DR Engstrom
Nature 352, 706-708, 1991
Greater drought intensity and frequency before AD 1200 in the Northern Great Plains, USA
KR Laird, SC Fritz, KA Maasch, BF Cumming
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F Gasse, S Juggins, LB Khelifa
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DR Engstrom, SC Fritz, JE Almendinger, S Juggins
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Rapid landscape transformation in South Island, New Zealand, following initial Polynesian settlement
DB McWethy, C Whitlock, JM Wilmshurst, MS McGlone, M Fromont, X Li, ...
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Century scale paleoclimatic reconstruction from Moon Lake, a closed‐basin lake in the northern Great Plains
KR Laird, SC Fritz, EC Grimm, PG Mueller
Limnology and Oceanography 41 (5), 890-902, 1996
Twentieth‐century salinity and water‐level fluctuations in Devils Lake, North Dakota: Test of a diatom‐based transfer function
SC Fritz
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SC Fritz, PA Baker, TK Lowenstein, GO Seltzer, CA Rigsby, GS Dwyer, ...
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Diatom assemblages and ionic characterization of lakes of the northern Great Plains, North America: a tool for reconstructing past salinity and climate fluctuations
SC Fritz, S Juggins, RW Battarbee
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 50 (9), 1844-1856, 1993
Abrupt Holocene climate change as an important factor for human migration in West Greenland
WJ D’Andrea, Y Huang, SC Fritz, NJ Anderson
Proceedings of the National academy of Sciences 108 (24), 9765-9769, 2011
Linking planktonic diatoms and climate change in the large lakes of the Yellowstone ecosystem using resource theory
SS Kilham, EC Theriot, SC Fritz
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Hydrologic variation in the northern Great Plains during the last two millennia
SC Fritz, E Ito, Z Yu, KR Laird, DR Engstrom
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Quantitative trophic reconstruction from sedimentary diatom assemblages: a cautionary tale
SC Fritz, JC Kingston, DR Engstrom
Freshwater biology 30 (1), 1-23, 1993
A vegetation and fire history of Lake Titicaca since the Last Glacial Maximum
GM Paduano, MB Bush, PA Baker, SC Fritz, GO Seltzer
palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology 194 (1-3), 259-279, 2003
Lake sediments record large-scale shifts in moisture regimes across the northern prairies of North America during the past two millennia
KR Laird, BF Cumming, S Wunsam, JA Rusak, RJ Oglesby, SC Fritz, ...
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Paleolimnological records of climatic change in North America
SC Fritz
Limnology and Oceanography 41 (5), 882-889, 1996
Vegetation history and climate of the last 15,000 years at Laghi di Monticchio, southern Italy
WA Watts, JRM Allen, B Huntley, SC Fritz
Quaternary Science Reviews 15 (2-3), 113-132, 1996
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