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Ahmed Diallo
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Experimental Observation of the Blob-Generation Mechanism from InterchangeWaves in a Plasma
I Furno, B Labit, M Podestà, A Fasoli, SH Müller, FM Poli, P Ricci, ...
Physical review letters 100 (5), 055004, 2008
Universal statistical properties of drift-interchange turbulence in TORPEX plasmas
B Labit, I Furno, A Fasoli, A Diallo, SH Müller, G Plyushchev, M Podestà, ...
Physical review letters 98 (25), 255002, 2007
Gyrokinetic analysis and simulation of pedestals to identify the culprits for energy losses using ‘fingerprints’
M Kotschenreuther, X Liu, DR Hatch, S Mahajan, L Zheng, A Diallo, ...
Nuclear Fusion 59 (9), 096001, 2019
Efficient generation of energetic ions in multi-ion plasmas by radio-frequency heating
YO Kazakov, J Ongena, JC Wright, SJ Wukitch, E Lerche, MJ Mantsinen, ...
Nature Physics 13 (10), 973-978, 2017
20 years of research on the Alcator C-Mod tokamak
M Greenwald, A Bader, S Baek, M Bakhtiari, H Barnard, W Beck, ...
Physics of Plasmas 21 (11), 2014
Liquid lithium divertor characteristics and plasma–material interactions in NSTX high-performance plasmas
MA Jaworski, T Abrams, JP Allain, MG Bell, RE Bell, A Diallo, TK Gray, ...
Nuclear Fusion 53 (8), 083032, 2013
Observation of edge instability limiting the pedestal growth in tokamak plasmas
A Diallo, JW Hughes, M Greenwald, B LaBombard, E Davis, SG Baek, ...
Physical review letters 112 (11), 115001, 2014
Mechanism for blob generation in the TORPEX toroidal plasma
I Furno, B Labit, A Fasoli, FM Poli, P Ricci, C Theiler, S Brunner, A Diallo, ...
Physics of Plasmas 15 (5), 2008
Correlations between quasi-coherent fluctuations and the pedestal evolution during the inter-edge localized modes phase on DIII-D
A Diallo, RJ Groebner, TL Rhodes, DJ Battaglia, DR Smith, TH Osborne, ...
Physics of Plasmas 22 (5), 2015
NSTX plasma operation with a liquid lithium divertor
HW Kugel, JP Allain, MG Bell, RE Bell, A Diallo, R Ellis, SP Gerhardt, ...
Fusion Engineering and Design 87 (10), 1724-1731, 2012
Snowflake divertor configuration studies in national spherical torus experiment
VA Soukhanovskii, RE Bell, A Diallo, S Gerhardt, S Kaye, E Kolemen, ...
Physics of Plasmas 19 (8), 2012
High-harmonic fast-wave power flow along magnetic field lines in the scrape-off layer of NSTX
RJ Perkins, JC Hosea, GJ Kramer, JW Ahn, RE Bell, A Diallo, S Gerhardt, ...
Physical review letters 109 (4), 045001, 2012
Overview of NSTX Upgrade initial results and modelling highlights
JE Menard, JP Allain, DJ Battaglia, F Bedoya, RE Bell, E Belova, ...
Nuclear Fusion 57 (10), 102006, 2017
Plasma blobs in a basic toroidal experiment: Origin, dynamics, and induced transport
SH Müller, A Diallo, A Fasoli, I Furno, B Labit, M Podesta
Physics of plasmas 14 (11), 2007
Electrostatic instabilities, turbulence and fast ion interactions in the TORPEX device
A Fasoli, A Burckel, L Federspiel, I Furno, K Gustafson, D Iraji, B Labit, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 52 (12), 124020, 2010
The dependence of H-mode energy confinement and transport on collisionality in NSTX
SM Kaye, S Gerhardt, W Guttenfelder, R Maingi, RE Bell, A Diallo, ...
Nuclear Fusion 53 (6), 063005, 2013
Overview of physics results from the conclusive operation of the National Spherical Torus Experiment
SA Sabbagh, JW Ahn, J Allain, R Andre, A Balbaky, R Bastasz, ...
Nuclear Fusion 53 (10), 104007, 2013
Operating a full tungsten actively cooled tokamak: overview of WEST first phase of operation
J Bucalossi, J Achard, O Agullo, T Alarcon, L Allegretti, H Ancher, G Antar, ...
Nuclear Fusion 62 (4), 042007, 2022
ELM elimination with Li powder injection in EAST discharges using the tungsten upper divertor
R Maingi, JS Hu, Z Sun, K Tritz, GZ Zuo, W Xu, M Huang, XC Meng, ...
Nuclear Fusion 58 (2), 024003, 2018
Study of chirping toroidicity-induced Alfvén eigenmodes in the National Spherical Torus Experiment
M Podestà, RE Bell, A Bortolon, NA Crocker, DS Darrow, A Diallo, ...
Nuclear Fusion 52 (9), 094001, 2012
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