Katherine A Johnson
Katherine A Johnson
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40-second green roof views sustain attention: The role of micro-breaks in attention restoration
KE Lee, KJH Williams, LD Sargent, NSG Williams, KA Johnson
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Sustained attention, attentional selectivity, and attentional capacity across the lifespan
LP McAvinue, T Habekost, KA Johnson, S Kyllingsbæk, S Vangkilde, ...
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Impaired conflict resolution and alerting in children with ADHD: evidence from the Attention Network Task (ANT)
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Pragmatic language difficulties in children with hyperactivity and attention problems: An integrated review
BC Green, KA Johnson, L Bretherton
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A review of neuropsychological and neuroimaging research in autistic spectrum disorders: Attention, inhibition and cognitive flexibility
J Sanders, KA Johnson, H Garavan, M Gill, L Gallagher
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Attention network hypoconnectivity with default and affective network hyperconnectivity in adults diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in childhood
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Conceptualising creativity benefits of nature experience: Attention restoration and mind wandering as complementary processes.
KJW Williams, KE Lee, T Hartig, LD Sargent, NS Williams, KA Johnson
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What would Karl Popper say? Are current psychological theories of ADHD falsifiable?
KA Johnson, JR Wiersema, J Kuntsi
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Bimanual co-ordination in Parkinson's disease.
KA Johnson, R Cunnington, JL Bradshaw, JG Phillips, R Iansek, ...
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Imaging the genetics of executive function
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Absence of the 7‐repeat variant of the DRD4 VNTR is associated with drifting sustained attention in children with ADHD but not in controls
KA Johnson, SP Kelly, IH Robertson, E Barry, A Mulligan, M Daly, ...
American journal of medical genetics part B: neuropsychiatric genetics 147 …, 2008
Can nature walks with psychological tasks improve mood, self-reported restoration, and sustained attention? Results from two experimental field studies.
TP Pasanen, KA Johnson, KW Lee, KM Korpela
Frontiers in Psychology 9, 2057, 2018
The relationship between ADHD and key cognitive phenotypes is not mediated by shared familial effects with IQ
AC Wood, F Rijsdijk, KA Johnson, P Andreou, B Albrecht, ...
Psychological Medicine 41 (4), 861-871, 2011
fMRI activation during response inhibition and error processing: the role of the DAT1 gene in typically developing adolescents and those diagnosed with ADHD
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Development of brain networks and relevance of environmental and genetic factors: a systematic review
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Appraising the psychological benefits of green roofs for city residents and workers
KJH Williams, KE Lee, L Sargent, KA Johnson, J Rayner, C Farrell, ...
Urban forestry & urban greening 44, 126399, 2019
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