Denis Fougerouse
Denis Fougerouse
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Gold remobilisation and formation of high grade ore shoots driven by dissolution-reprecipitation replacement and Ni substitution into auriferous arsenopyrite
D Fougerouse, S Micklethwaite, AG Tomkins, Y Mei, M Kilburn, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 178, 143-159, 2016
Nanoscale gold clusters in arsenopyrite controlled by growth rate not concentration: Evidence from atom probe microscopy
D Fougerouse, SM Reddy, DW Saxey, WDA Rickard, A Van Riessen, ...
American Mineralogist 101 (8), 1916-1919, 2016
Nanogeochronology of discordant zircon measured by atom probe microscopy of Pb-enriched dislocation loops
EM Peterman, SM Reddy, DW Saxey, DR Snoeyenbos, WDA Rickard, ...
Science advances 2 (9), e1601318, 2016
Atom probe tomography: Development and application to the geosciences
SM Reddy, DW Saxey, WDA Rickard, D Fougerouse, SD Montalvo, ...
Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research 44 (1), 5-50, 2020
Gold, arsenic, and copper zoning in pyrite: A record of fluid chemistry and growth kinetics
YF Wu, D Fougerouse, K Evans, SM Reddy, DW Saxey, P Guagliardo, ...
Geology 47 (7), 641-644, 2019
Metal remobilization and ore-fluid perturbation during episodic replacement of auriferous pyrite from an epizonal orogenic gold deposit
YF Wu, K Evans, JW Li, D Fougerouse, RR Large, P Guagliardo
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 245, 98-117, 2019
Evidence for two stages of mineralization in West Africa’s largest gold deposit: Obuasi, Ghana
D Fougerouse, S Micklethwaite, S Ulrich, J Miller, B Godel, DT Adams, ...
Economic Geology 112 (1), 3-22, 2017
Mechanisms of deformation-induced trace element migration in zircon resolved by atom probe and correlative microscopy
SM Reddy, A van Riessen, DW Saxey, TE Johnson, WDA Rickard, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 195, 158-170, 2016
Cr-spinel records metasomatism not petrogenesis of mantle rocks
H Gamal El Dien, S Arai, LS Doucet, ZX Li, Y Kil, D Fougerouse, ...
Nature Communications 10 (1), 5103, 2019
Time-resolved, defect-hosted, trace element mobility in deformed Witwatersrand pyrite
D Fougerouse, SM Reddy, CL Kirkland, DW Saxey, WD Rickard, ...
Geoscience Frontiers 10 (1), 55-63, 2019
Quantified, multi-scale X-ray fluorescence element mapping using the Maia detector array: application to mineral deposit studies
LA Fisher, D Fougerouse, JS Cleverley, CG Ryan, S Micklethwaite, ...
Mineralium Deposita 50, 665-674, 2015
Assessing the mechanisms of common Pb incorporation into titanite
CL Kirkland, D Fougerouse, SM Reddy, J Hollis, DW Saxey
Chemical Geology 483, 558-566, 2018
Antimony in rutile as a pathfinder for orogenic gold deposits
A Agangi, SM Reddy, D Plavsa, D Fougerouse, C Clark, M Roberts, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 106, 1-11, 2019
Nanoscale distribution of Pb in monazite revealed by atom probe microscopy
D Fougerouse, SM Reddy, DW Saxey, TM Erickson, CL Kirkland, ...
Chemical Geology 479, 251-258, 2018
Nanoscale resetting of the Th/Pb system in an isotopically-closed monazite grain: A combined atom probe and transmission electron microscopy study
AM Seydoux-Guillaume, D Fougerouse, AT Laurent, E Gardés, SM Reddy, ...
Geoscience Frontiers 10 (1), 65-76, 2019
Colloidal gold transport: A key to high-grade gold mineralization?
L Petrella, N Thébaud, D Fougerouse, K Evans, Z Quadir, C Laflamme
Mineralium Deposita 55, 1247-1254, 2020
A new kind of invisible gold in pyrite hosted in deformation-related dislocations
D Fougerouse, SM Reddy, M Aylmore, L Yang, P Guagliardo, DW Saxey, ...
Geology 49 (10), 1225-1229, 2021
Decoupling of Au and As during rapid pyrite crystallization
YF Wu, K Evans, SY Hu, D Fougerouse, MF Zhou, LA Fisher, ...
Geology 49 (7), 827-831, 2021
Novel applications of FIB-SEM-based ToF-SIMS in atom probe tomography workflows
WDA Rickard, SM Reddy, DW Saxey, D Fougerouse, NE Timms, L Daly, ...
Microscopy and Microanalysis 26 (4), 750-757, 2020
Atom probe tomography analysis of the reference zircon gj-1: An interlaboratory study
F Exertier, A La Fontaine, C Corcoran, S Piazolo, E Belousova, Z Peng, ...
Chemical Geology 495, 27-35, 2018
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