Scott Delp
Scott Delp
Professor of Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
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OpenSim: open-source software to create and analyze dynamic simulations of movement
SL Delp, FC Anderson, AS Arnold, P Loan, A Habib, CT John, ...
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Computer-assisted surgical system
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Large-scale physical activity data reveal worldwide activity inequality
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Muscle contributions to propulsion and support during running
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Generating dynamic simulations of movement using computed muscle control
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OpenSim: Simulating musculoskeletal dynamics and neuromuscular control to study human and animal movement
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A graphics-based software system to develop and analyze models of musculoskeletal structures
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Grand challenge competition to predict in vivo knee loads
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Influence of muscle morphometry and moment arms on the moment-generating capacity of human neck muscles
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Short telomeres and stem cell exhaustion model Duchenne muscular dystrophy in mdx/mTR mice
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Wirelessly powered, fully internal optogenetics for brain, spinal and peripheral circuits in mice
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