Maryam Seif
Maryam Seif
University of Zurich
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hMRI–A toolbox for quantitative MRI in neuroscience and clinical research
K Tabelow, E Balteau, J Ashburner, MF Callaghan, B Draganski, G Helms, ...
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MRI in traumatic spinal cord injury: from clinical assessment to neuroimaging biomarkers
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Quantitative MRI of rostral spinal cord and brain regions is predictive of functional recovery in acute spinal cord injury
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Multiparameter mapping of relaxation (R1, R2*), proton density and magnetization transfer saturation at 3 T: A multicenter dual‐vendor reproducibility and repeatability study
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Guidelines for the conduct of clinical trials in spinal cord injury: neuroimaging biomarkers
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In vivo evidence of remote neural degeneration in the lumbar enlargement after cervical injury
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Image registration for triggered and non‐triggered DTI of the human kidney: Reduced variability of diffusion parameter estimation
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Cervical cord neurodegeneration in traumatic and non-traumatic spinal cord injury
M Seif, G David, E Huber, K Vallotton, A Curt, P Freund
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Example dataset for the hMRI toolbox
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Generic acquisition protocol for quantitative MRI of the spinal cord
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Renal blood oxygenation level–dependent imaging in longitudinal follow-up of donated and remaining kidneys
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Radiology 279 (3), 795-804, 2016
Open-access quantitative MRI data of the spinal cord and reproducibility across participants, sites and manufacturers
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Scientific data 8 (1), 1-17, 2021
Progressive ventricles enlargement and cerebrospinal fluid volume increases as a marker of neurodegeneration in patients with spinal cord injury: a longitudinal magnetic …
M Seif, G Ziegler, P Freund
Journal of Neurotrauma 35 (24), 2941-2946, 2018
Diffusion tensor imaging of the human kidney: Does image registration permit scanning without respiratory triggering?
M Seif, LY Mani, H Lu, C Boesch, M Reyes, B Vogt, P Vermathen
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Tracking the neurodegenerative gradient after spinal cord injury
M Azzarito, M Seif, S Kyathanahally, A Curt, P Freund
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Consensus acquisition protocol for quantitative MRI of the cervical spinal cord at 3T
S Alley, G Gilbert, C Wheeler-Kingshott, RS Samson, F Grussu, A Martin, ...
Proceedings of the 26th Annual Meeting of ISMRM. Presented at the ISMRM, 2018
A multi-center study on fast full-brain quantitative multi-parameter mapping of R1, MT, and R2*: scan-rescan repeatability and inter-site reproducibility
M Seif, T Leutritz, R Samson, A Curt, CAM Wheeler-Kingshott, P Freund, ...
ISMRM 27, 1198, 2018
Tracking White and Gray Matter Degeneration along the Spinal Cord Axis in Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy
K Vallotton, G David, P Nikolai, J Cohen-Adad, MG Fehlings, RS Samson, ...
J Neurotrauma, 2021
hMRI-A toolbox for using quantitative MRI in neuroscience and clinical research
E Balteau, K Tabelow, J Ashburner, MF Callaghan, B Draganski, G Helms, ...
Berlin: Weierstraß-Institut für Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik, 2018
Extent of cord pathology in the lumbosacral enlargement in non-traumatic versus traumatic spinal cord injury
G David, K Vallotton, M Hupp, A Curt, P Freund, M Seif
Journal of Neurotrauma 39 (9-10), 639-650, 2022
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