Christian Holz
Christian Holz
Assistant Professor, ETH Zurich
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The generalized perceived input point model and how to double touch accuracy by extracting fingerprints
C Holz, P Baudisch
ACM CHI 2010, 581-590, 2010
NormalTouch and TextureTouch: High-fidelity 3D Haptic Shape Rendering on Handheld Virtual Reality Controllers
H Benko, C Holz, M Sinclair, E Ofek
ACM UIST 2016, 717-728, 2016
Understanding touch
C Holz, P Baudisch
ACM CHI 2011, 2501-2510, 2011
Haptic Revolver: Touch, Shear, Texture, and Shape Rendering on a Reconfigurable Virtual Reality Controller
E Whitmire, H Benko, C Holz, E Ofek, M Sinclair
ACM CHI 2018, 86, 2018
CLAW: A Multifunctional Handheld Haptic Controller for Grasping, Touching, and Triggering in Virtual Reality
I Choi, E Ofek, H Benko, M Sinclair, C Holz
ACM CHI 2018, 654, 2018
Sparse Haptic Proxy: Touch Feedback in Virtual Environments Using a General Passive Prop
LP Cheng, E Ofek, C Holz, H Benko, AD Wilson
ACM CHI 2017, 3718-3728, 2017
Finding Common Ground: A Survey of Capacitive Sensing in Human-Computer Interaction
T Grosse-Puppendahl, C Holz, G Cohn, R Wimmer, O Bechtold, S Hodges, ...
ACM CHI 2017, 3293-3315, 2017
Enabling People with Visual Impairments to Navigate Virtual Reality with a Haptic and Auditory Cane Simulation
Y Zhao, CL Bennett, H Benko, E Cutrell, C Holz, MR Morris, M Sinclair
ACM CHI 2018, 116, 2018
Cross-Device Taxonomy: Survey, Opportunities and Challenges of Interactions Spanning Across Multiple Devices
F Brudy, C Holz, R Rädle, CJ Wu, S Houben, C Klokmose, N Marquardt
ACM CHI 2019, 2019
Imaginary phone: learning imaginary interfaces by transferring spatial memory from a familiar device
S Gustafson, C Holz, P Baudisch
ACM UIST 2011, 283-292, 2011
SeeingVR: A Set of Tools to Make Virtual Reality More Accessible to People with Low Vision
Y Zhao, E Cutrell, C Holz, MR Morris, E Ofek, AD Wilson
ACM CHI 2019, 2019
DuoSkin: Rapidly Prototyping On-Skin User Interfaces Using Skin-Friendly Materials
HL Kao, C Holz, A Roseway, A Calvo, C Schmandt
ACM ISWC 2016, 16-23, 2016
Multitoe: high-precision interaction with back-projected floors based on high-resolution multi-touch input
T Augsten, K Kaefer, R Meusel, C Fetzer, D Kanitz, T Stoff, T Becker, ...
ACM UIST 2010, 209-218, 2010
System and method for detection of indoor tracking units
H Jin, C Holz
US Patent 9,363,644, 2016
Bodyprint: Biometric User Identification on Mobile Devices Using the Capacitive Touchscreen to Scan Body Parts
C Holz, S Buthpitiya, M Knaust
ACM CHI 2015, 3011-3014, 2015
Pre-Touch Sensing for Mobile Interaction
K Hinckley, S Heo, M Pahud, C Holz, H Benko, A Sellen, R Banks, ...
ACM CHI 2016, 2869-2881, 2016
RealityCheck: Blending Virtual Environments with Situated Physical Reality
J Hartmann, C Holz, E Ofek, AD Wilson
ACM CHI 2019, 347, 2019
TORC: A Virtual Reality Controller for In-Hand High-Dexterity Finger Interaction
J Lee, M Sinclair, M Gonzalez-Franco, E Ofek, C Holz
ACM CHI 2019, 71, 2019
Glabella: Continuously Sensing Blood Pressure Behavior using an Unobtrusive Wearable Device
C Holz, EJ Wang
ACM IMWUT 2017 1 (3), 58, 2017
Fiberio: A Touchscreen that Senses Fingerprints
C Holz, P Baudisch
ACM UIST 2013, 41-50, 2013
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