Ralf Röhlsberger
Ralf Röhlsberger
Professor für Experimentalphysik, Universität Hamburg
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Collective Lamb shift in single-photon superradiance
R Röhlsberger, K Schlage, B Sahoo, S Couet, R Rüffer
Science 328 (5983), 1248-1251, 2010
Nuclear condensed matter physics with synchrotron radiation: Basic principles, methodology and applications
R Röhlsberger
Springer Science & Business Media, 2004
Electromagnetically induced transparency with resonant nuclei in a cavity
R Röhlsberger, HC Wille, K Schlage, B Sahoo
Nature 482 (7384), 199-203, 2012
From atoms to layers: in situ gold cluster growth kinetics during sputter deposition
M Schwartzkopf, A Buffet, V Körstgens, E Metwalli, K Schlage, G Benecke, ...
Nanoscale 5 (11), 5053-5062, 2013
X-ray quantum optics
BW Adams, C Buth, SM Cavaletto, J Evers, Z Harman, CH Keitel, A Pálffy, ...
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PETRA IV: the ultralow-emittance source project at DESY
CG Schroer, I Agapov, W Brefeld, R Brinkmann, YC Chae, HC Chao, ...
Journal of synchrotron radiation 25 (5), 1277-1290, 2018
In situ GISAXS study of gold film growth on conducting polymer films
G Kaune, MA Ruderer, E Metwalli, W Wang, S Couet, K Schlage, ...
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Vacuum-assisted generation and control of atomic coherences at x-ray energies
KP Heeg, HC Wille, K Schlage, T Guryeva, D Schumacher, I Uschmann, ...
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Imaging the magnetic spin structure of exchange-coupled thin films
R Röhlsberger, H Thomas, K Schlage, E Burkel, O Leupold, R Rüffer
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Tunable subluminal propagation of narrow-band x-ray pulses
KP Heeg, J Haber, D Schumacher, L Bocklage, HC Wille, KS Schulze, ...
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Interferometric phase detection at x-ray energies via Fano resonance control
KP Heeg, C Ott, D Schumacher, HC Wille, R Röhlsberger, T Pfeifer, ...
Physical review letters 114 (20), 207401, 2015
Desy nanolab
A Stierle, TF Keller, H Noei, V Vonk, R Roehlsberger
Journal of large-scale research facilities JLSRF 2, A76-A76, 2016
Time resolved nuclear resonant scattering from Sn 119 nuclei using synchrotron radiation
EE Alp, TM Mooney, T Toellner, W Sturhahn, E Witthoff, R Röhlsberger, ...
Physical review letters 70 (21), 3351, 1993
Nanoscale magnetism probed by nuclear resonant scattering of synchrotron radiation
R Röhlsberger, J Bansmann, V Senz, KL Jonas, A Bettac, ...
Physical Review B 67 (24), 245412, 2003
In situ GISAXS investigation of gold sputtering onto a polymer template
E Metwalli, S Couet, K Schlage, R Röhlsberger, V Körstgens, M Ruderer, ...
Langmuir 24 (8), 4265-4272, 2008
PETRA III: A low emittance synchrotron radiation source
K Balewski, W Brefeld, W Decking, H Franz, R Röhlsberger, E Weckert
Technical Design Report, DESY 35, 2004, 2004
Observation of pure nuclear diffraction from a Fe/Cr antiferromagnetic multilayer
TS Toellner, W Sturhahn, R Röhlsberger, EE Alp, CH Sowers, ...
Physical review letters 74 (17), 3475, 1995
Theory of X-ray grazing incidence reflection in the presence of nuclear resonance excitation
R Röhlsberger
Hyperfine Interactions 123 (1), 301-325, 1999
Spectral narrowing of x-ray pulses for precision spectroscopy with nuclear resonances
KP Heeg, A Kaldun, C Strohm, P Reiser, C Ott, R Subramanian, ...
Science 357 (6349), 375-378, 2017
Quantum imaging with incoherently scattered light from a free-electron laser
R Schneider, T Mehringer, G Mercurio, L Wenthaus, A Classen, ...
Nature Physics 14 (2), 126-129, 2018
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