Mébarek Alouani
Mébarek Alouani
Instiut de Physique et de Chimie des Matériaux de Strasbourg, France
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Implementation of the projector augmented-wave LDA+ U method: Application to the electronic structure of NiO
O Bengone, M Alouani, P Blöchl, J Hugel
Physical Review B 62 (24), 16392, 2000
Huge excitonic effects in layered hexagonal boron nitride
B Arnaud, S Lebègue, P Rabiller, M Alouani
Physical review letters 96 (2), 026402, 2006
Implementation of an all-electron GW approximation based on the projector augmented wave method without plasmon pole approximation: Application to Si, SiC, AlAs, InAs, NaH, and KH
S Lebègue, B Arnaud, M Alouani, PE Bloechl
Physical Review B 67 (15), 155208, 2003
Full-Potential Electronic Structure Method: energy and force calculations with density functional and dynamical mean field theory
JM Wills, M Alouani, P Andersson, A Delin, O Eriksson, O Grechnyev
Springer Science & Business Media, 2010
Optical properties of graphite from first-principles calculations
R Ahuja, S Auluck, JM Wills, M Alouani, B Johansson, O Eriksson
Physical Review B 55 (8), 4999, 1997
Optical and electronic-structure study of cubic and hexagonal GaN thin films
J Petalas, S Logothetidis, S Boultadakis, M Alouani, JM Wills
Physical Review B 52 (11), 8082, 1995
Calculated elastic constants and structural properties of Mo and MoSi 2
M Alouani, RC Albers, M Methfessel
Physical Review B 43 (8), 6500, 1991
Electronic Structure and Physical Properties of Solids
JM Wills, O Eriksson, M Alouani, DL Price
Lecture Notes in Physics 535, 148-167, 2000
Calculated optical properties of semiconductors
M Alouani, L Brey, NE Christensen
Physical Review B 37 (3), 1167, 1988
Impact on interface spin polarization of molecular bonding to metallic surfaces
S Javaid, M Bowen, S Boukari, L Joly, JB Beaufrand, X Chen, YJ Dappe, ...
Physical review letters 105 (7), 077201, 2010
Multiple-scattering theory of x-ray magnetic circular dichroism: Implementation and results for the iron K edge
C Brouder, M Alouani, KH Bennemann
Physical review B 54 (10), 7334, 1996
Anisotropy and oxygen-stoichiometry dependence of the dielectric tensor of YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7− δ (0≤ δ≤ 1)
J Kircher, MK Kelly, S Rashkeev, M Alouani, D Fuchs, M Cardona
Physical Review B 44 (1), 217, 1991
All-electron projector-augmented-wave GW approximation: Application to the electronic properties of semiconductors
B Arnaud, M Alouani
Physical Review B 62 (7), 4464, 2000
Calculated optical properties of Si, Ge, and GaAs under hydrostatic pressure
M Alouani, JM Wills
Physical Review B 54 (4), 2480, 1996
Direct observation of a highly spin-polarized organic spinterface at room temperature
F Djeghloul, F Ibrahim, M Cantoni, M Bowen, L Joly, S Boukari, ...
Scientific reports 3 (1), 1-7, 2013
Experimental and theoretical x-ray magnetic-circular-dichroism study of the magnetic properties of Co 50 Pt 50 thin films
W Grange, I Galanakis, M Alouani, M Maret, JP Kappler, A Rogalev
Physical Review B 62 (2), 1157, 2000
Electronic and optical properties of strained Ge/Si superlattices
U Schmid, NE Christensen, M Alouani, M Cardona
Physical Review B 43 (18), 14597, 1991
Ab initio ground state and L 2, 3 x-ray magnetic circular dichroism of Mn-based Heusler alloys
I Galanakis, S Ostanin, M Alouani, H Dreyssé, JM Wills
Physical Review B 61 (6), 4093, 2000
Ab initio thermodynamics of metals: Al and W
A Debernardi, M Alouani, H Dreyssé
Physical Review B 63 (6), 064305, 2001
Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of binary alloys: A total-energy calculation
I Galanakis, M Alouani, H Dreyssé
Physical Review B 62 (10), 6475, 2000
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