Kate Trinajstic
Kate Trinajstic
Professor of Palaeontology, School of Molecular and Life Sciences, Curtin University
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Three-dimensional synchrotron virtual paleohistology: a new insight into the world of fossil bone microstructures
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Exceptional preservation of nerve and muscle tissues in Late Devonian placoderm fish and their evolutionary implications
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First Shark from the Late Devonian (Frasnian) Gogo Formation, Western Australia Sheds New Light on the Development of Tessellated Calcified Cartilage
et al. Long JA, Burrow CJ, Ginter M, Maisey JG, Trinajstic KM, Coates MI
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Upper Kellwasser carbon isotope excursion pre-dates the F–F boundary in the Upper Devonian Lennard Shelf carbonate system, Canning Basin, Western Australia
K Hillbun, TE Playton, E Tohver, K Ratcliffe, K Trinajstic, B Roelofs, ...
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K Trinajstic, K Dennis‐Bryan
Acta Zoologica 90, 83-102, 2009
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