Andrea Piscitello
Andrea Piscitello
University of Illinois at Chicago, Politecnico di Milano
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Predicting mood disturbance severity with mobile phone keystroke metadata: a biaffect digital phenotyping study
J Zulueta, A Piscitello, M Rasic, R Easter, P Babu, SA Langenecker, ...
Journal of medical Internet research 20 (7), e241, 2018
Deepmood: modeling mobile phone typing dynamics for mood detection
B Cao, L Zheng, C Zhang, PS Yu, A Piscitello, J Zulueta, O Ajilore, K Ryan, ...
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Effects of mood and aging on keystroke dynamics metadata and their diurnal patterns in a large open-science sample: A BiAffect iOS study
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Let your fingers do the talking: Passive typing instability predicts future mood outcomes
JP Stange, J Zulueta, SA Langenecker, KA Ryan, A Piscitello, J Duffecy, ...
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Danger-system: Exploring new ways to manage occupants safety in smart building
A Piscitello, F Paduano, AA Nacci, D Noferi, MD Santambrogio, D Sciuto
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Naturalistic smartphone keyboard typing reflects processing speed and executive function
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F Hussain, JP Stange, SA Langenecker, MG McInnis, J Zulueta, ...
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BiAffect: A system for analyzing neurocognitive functioning using keystroke dynamics and machine learning
A Piscitello
University of Illinois at Chicago, 2015
Convergence of Active and Passive Assessments of Affective Instability in Predicting the Prospective Course of Bipolar Disorder: The BiAffect Study
J Stange, J Zulueta, S Langenecker, K Ryan, A Piscitello, O Ajilore, ...
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Passive Sensing of Affective and Cognitive Functioning in Mood Disorders by Analyzing Keystroke Kinematics and Speech Dynamics
F Hussain, JP Stange, SA Langenecker, MG McInnis, J Zulueta, ...
Digital Phenotyping and Mobile Sensing: New Developments in …, 2022
Ruleset minimization in multi-tenant Smart Buildings
A Piscitello, AA Nacci, V Rana, MD Santambrogio, D Sciuto
2016 IEEE Intl Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) and …, 2016
An Interactive method to control Computer Animation in an intuitive way.
A Piscitello, E Trainiti
unpublished, 0
Characterizing Passively Collected Real-World Keyboard Dynamics in Mood Disorders as a Function of Age and Time-of-Day
H Rashidisabet, C Vesel, A Demos, C Bennett, J Zulueta, J Stange, ...
Biological Psychiatry 87 (9), S150, 2020
Diurnal Patterns as Evidenced by Over Eleven Million Smartphone Keystrokes During Daily Usage: An iOS BiAffect Study
C Vesel, H Rashidisabet, A Demos, J Zulueta, J Stange, J Duffecy, ...
Can we predict bipolarity with mobile phone keystroke dynamics metadata
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Sink state analysis in multi-tenant smart buildings
A Piscitello, AA Nacci, V Rana, MD Santambrogio, D Sciuto
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Supporting multi-tenant scenarios in smart buildings: ruleset minimization, conflict resolution and sink state analysis
Italy, 2016
Bipolar Disorder Modifies the Relationship between Inter-key Delays and Sample Entropy of Typing
JS Bark, AP Demos, J Zulueta, J Stange, J Duffecy, F Hussain, A Piscitello, ...
entropy 178, 12.13, 0
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