Manuel Eduardo Vargas Guzmán
Manuel Eduardo Vargas Guzmán
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Conceptual framework for the strategic management: a literature review—descriptive
G Fuertes, M Alfaro, M Vargas, S Gutierrez, R Ternero, J Sabattin
Journal of engineering 2020 (1), 6253013, 2020
Intelligent packaging systems: sensors and nanosensors to monitor food quality and safety
G Fuertes, I Soto, R Carrasco, M Vargas, J Sabattin, C Lagos
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Reverse logistics network design under extended producer responsibility: The case of out-of-use tires in the Gran Santiago city of Chile
LA Banguera, JM Sepúlveda, R Ternero, M Vargas, ÓC Vásquez
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Nanosensors for a monitoring system in intelligent and active packaging
G Fuertes, I Soto, M Vargas, A Valencia, J Sabattin, R Carrasco
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Reverse and inverse logistic models for solid waste management
JM Sepúlveda, L Banguera, G Fuertes, R Carrasco, M Vargas
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Boosting the decision-making in smart ports by using blockchain
CA Durán, C Fernández-Campusano, R Carrasco, M Vargas, A Navarrete
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Logistic modeling of the last mile: Case study Santiago, Chile
JG Urzúa-Morales, JP Sepulveda-Rojas, M Alfaro, G Fuertes, R Ternero, ...
Sustainability 12 (2), 648, 2020
Chaotic genetic algorithm and the effects of entropy in performance optimization
G Fuertes, M Vargas, M Alfaro, R Soto-Garrido, J Sabattin, MA Peralta
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 29 (1), 2019
Copper metal price using chaotic time series forecating
R Carrasco, M Vargas, I Soto, G Fuertes, M Alfaro
IEEE Latin America Transactions 13 (6), 1961-1965, 2015
Project-based learning versus cooperative learning courses in engineering students
G Fuertes, M Vargas, I Soto, K Witker, M Peralta, J Sabattin
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Reverse logistics for solid waste from the construction industry
M Vargas, M Alfaro, N Karstegl, G Fuertes, MD Gracia, J Mar-Ortiz, ...
Advances in Civil Engineering 2021 (1), 6654718, 2021
Artificial intelligence methodologies for data management
J Serey, L Quezada, M Alfaro, G Fuertes, M Vargas, R Ternero, J Sabattin, ...
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Reverse logistics models for the collection of plastic waste: A literature review
J Valenzuela, M Alfaro, G Fuertes, M Vargas, C Sáez-Navarrete
Waste Management & Research 39 (9), 1116-1134, 2021
Pattern recognition and deep learning technologies, enablers of industry 4.0, and their role in engineering research
J Serey, M Alfaro, G Fuertes, M Vargas, C Duran, R Ternero, R Rivera, ...
Symmetry 15 (2), 535, 2023
National health systems and COVID-19 death toll doubling time
M Alfaro, D Muñoz-Godoy, M Vargas, G Fuertes, C Duran, R Ternero, ...
Frontiers in Public Health 9, 669038, 2021
A simple and fast algorithm for traffic flow control in high-speed computer networks
G Millán, G Fuertes, M Alfaro, R Carrasco, M Vargas
2018 IEEE International Conference on Automation/XXIII Congress of the …, 2018
Methodological proposals for the development of services in a smart city: A literature review
J Serey, L Quezada, M Alfaro, G Fuertes, R Ternero, G Gatica, S Gutierrez, ...
Sustainability 12 (24), 10249, 2020
Opportunities of the technological trends linked to Industry 4.0 for achieve sustainable manufacturing objectives
G Fuertes, J Zamorano, M Alfaro, M Vargas, J Sabattin, C Duran, ...
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Chaotic time series for copper’s price forecast: neural networks and the discovery of knowledge for big data
R Carrasco, M Vargas, I Soto, D Fuentealba, L Banguera, G Fuertes
International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organisations, 278-288, 2018
Forecast of chaotic series in a horizon superior to the inverse of the maximum Lyapunov exponent
M Alfaro, G Fuertes, M Vargas, J Sepúlveda, M Veloso-Poblete
Complexity 2018 (1), 1452683, 2018
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