Zissis Mamuris
Zissis Mamuris
university of thessaly, department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
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Mitochondrial DNA variation in Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean populations of Norway lobster, Nephrops norvegicus
C Stamatis, A Triantafyllidis, KA Moutou, Z Mamuris
Molecular Ecology 13 (6), 1377-1390, 2004
Morphological variation between red mullet populations in Greece
Z Mamuris, P Apostolidis, P Panagiotaki, AJ Theodorou, ...
Journal of Fish biology 52 (1), 107-117, 1998
Pharmacogenetic analysis of TNF, TNFRSF1A, and TNFRSF1B gene polymorphisms and prediction of response to anti-TNF therapy in psoriasis patients in the Greek population
Y Vasilopoulos, M Manolika, E Zafiriou, T Sarafidou, V Bagiatis, ...
Molecular diagnosis & therapy 16 (1), 29-34, 2012
Phylogeography of the brown hare (Lepus europaeus) in Europe: a legacy of south‐eastern Mediterranean refugia?
C Stamatis, F Suchentrunk, KA Moutou, M Giacometti, G Haerer, M Djan, ...
Journal of Biogeography 36 (3), 515-528, 2009
Microsatellite analysis of olive fly populations in the Mediterranean indicates a westward expansion of the species
AA Augustinos, Z Mamuris, EE Stratikopoulos, S D’amelio, ...
Genetica 125 (2-3), 231-241, 2005
Genetic structure of Greek brown hare (Lepus europaeus) populations as revealed by mtDBNA RFLP-PCR analysis: implications for conserving genetic diversity
Z Mamuris, AI Sfougaris, C Stamatis
Biological Conservation 101 (2), 187-196, 2001
Mitochondrial tRNA mutations: clinical and functional perturbations
E Zifa, S Giannouli, P Theotokis, C Stamatis, Z Mamuris, C Stathopoulos
RNA biology 4 (1), 38-66, 2007
Application of random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers to evaluate intraspecific genetic variation in red mullet (Mullus barbatus)
Z Mamuris, AP Apostolidis, AJ Theodorou, C Triantaphyllidis
Marine Biology 132 (2), 171-178, 1998
Genetic protein variation in red mullet (Mullus barbatus) and striped red mullet (M. surmuletus) populations from the Mediterranean Sea
Z Mamuris, AP Apostolidis, C Triantaphyllidis
Marine Biology 130 (3), 353-360, 1998
Detection of hybrids between wild boars (Sus scrofa scrofa) and domestic pigs (Sus scrofa f. domestica) in Greece, using the PCR-RFLP method on melanocortin-1 receptor (MC1R …
EA Koutsogiannouli, KA Moutou, T Sarafidou, C Stamatis, Z Mamuris
Mammalian Biology 75 (1), 69-73, 2010
Insecticide resistance status of the codling moth Cydia pomonella (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) from Greece
CC Voudouris, B Sauphanor, P Franck, M Reyes, Z Mamuris, JA Tsitsipis, ...
Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 100 (3), 229-238, 2011
Intraspecific genetic variation of striped red mullet (Mullus surmuletus L.) in the Mediterranean Sea assessed by allozyme and random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis
Z Mamuris, C Stamatis, C Triantaphyllidis
Heredity 83 (1), 30-38, 1999
A new set of 16S rRNA universal primers for identification of animal species
C Sarri, C Stamatis, T Sarafidou, I Galara, V Godosopoulos, M Kolovos, ...
Food Control 43, 35-41, 2014
Effects of salinity on digestive protease activity in the euryhaline sparid Sparus aurata L.: a preliminary study
KA Moutou, P Panagiotaki, Z Mamuris
Aquaculture Research 35 (9), 912-914, 2004
Taxonomic relationships between four species of the Mullidae family revealed by three genetic methods: allozymes, random amplified polymorpic DNA and mitochondrial DNA
Z Mamuris, C Stamatis, M Bani, C Triantaphyllidis
Journal of fish biology 55 (3), 572-587, 1999
Development and application of molecular markers for poultry meat identification in food chain
P Stamoulis, C Stamatis, T Sarafidou, Z Mamuris
Food Control 21 (7), 1061-1065, 2010
Population genetics of cape and brown hares (Lepus capensis and L. europaeus): A test of Petter's hypothesis of conspecificity
HB Slimen, F Suchentrunk, C Stamatis, Z Mamuris, H Sert, PC Alves, ...
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 36 (1), 22-39, 2008
Molecular cloning and sequence of Sparus aurata skeletal myosin light chains expressed in white muscle: developmental expression and thyroid regulation
KA Moutou, AVM Canario, Z Mamuris, DM Power
Journal of Experimental Biology 204 (17), 3009-3018, 2001
Attempted Discrimination of Myzus persicae and Myzus nicotianae (Homoptera: Aphididae) by Random Amplified Polymorphic Dna Polymerase Chain Reaction …
JT Margaritopoulos, Z Mamuris, JA Tsitsipis
Annals of the Entomological Society of America 91 (5), 602-607, 1998
Genetic evidence for introgression between domestic pigs and wild boars (Sus scrofa) in Belgium and Luxembourg: a comparative approach with multiple marker …
AC Frantz, FE Zachos, J Kirschning, S Cellina, S Bertouille, Z Mamuris, ...
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 110 (1), 104-115, 2013
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