Evangelia Smeti
Evangelia Smeti
Research Associate, HCMR
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A global-scale screening of non-native aquatic organisms to identify potentially invasive species under current and future climate conditions
L Vilizzi, GH Copp, JE Hill, B Adamovich, L Aislabie, D Akin, AJ Al-Faisal, ...
Science of the Total Environment 788, 147868, 2021
Speaking their language–development of a multilingual decision-support tool for communicating invasive species risks to decision makers and stakeholders
GH Copp, L Vilizzi, H Wei, S Li, M Piria, AJ Al-Faisal, D Almeida, U Atique, ...
Environmental Modelling & Software 135, 104900, 2021
Multiple stressor effects on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in a Mediterranean temporary river
E Smeti, D von Schiller, I Karaouzas, S Laschou, L Vardakas, S Sabater, ...
Science of the Total Environment 647, 1179-1187, 2019
Assessing the ecological effects of water stress and pollution in a temporary river-Implications for water management
I Karaouzas, E Smeti, A Vourka, L Vardakas, A Mentzafou, E Tornés, ...
Science of the Total Environment 618, 1591-1604, 2018
Benthic diatoms in river biomonitoring—present and future perspectives within the water framework directive
A Masouras, I Karaouzas, E Dimitriou, G Tsirtsis, E Smeti
Water 13 (4), 478, 2021
Ecological status monitoring and assessment in Greek rivers: do macroinvertebrate and diatom indices indicate same responses to anthropogenic pressures?
I Karaouzas, E Smeti, E Kalogianni, NT Skoulikidis
Ecological Indicators 101, 126-132, 2019
Gut microbiota of five sympatrically farmed marine fish species in the Aegean Sea
E Nikouli, A Meziti, E Smeti, E Antonopoulou, E Mente, KA Kormas
Microbial Ecology 81, 460-470, 2021
Temporal phosphate gradients reveal diverse acclimation responses in phytoplankton phosphate uptake
C Cáceres, S Spatharis, E Kaiserli, E Smeti, H Flowers, JA Bonachela
The ISME journal 13 (11), 2834-2845, 2019
Nitrogen as the main driver of benthic diatom composition and diversity in oligotrophic coastal systems
S Kafouris, E Smeti, S Spatharis, G Tsirtsis, A Economou-Amilli, ...
Science of the Total Environment 694, 133773, 2019
From historical backgrounds towards the functional classification of river phytoplankton sensu Colin S. Reynolds: what future merits the approach may hold?
A Abonyi, JP Descy, G Borics, E Smeti
Hydrobiologia 848, 131-142, 2021
Risk of invasiveness of non-native aquatic species in the eastern Mediterranean region under current and projected climate conditions
AS Tarkan, E Tricarico, L Vilizzi, G Bilge, FG Ekmekçi, H Filiz, D Giannetto, ...
The European zoological journal 88 (1), 1130-1143, 2021
Potentially toxic elements in water, sediments and fish of the Evrotas River under variable water discharges
R Milačič, T Zuliani, J Vidmar, M Bergant, E Kalogianni, E Smeti, ...
Science of the total environment 648, 1087-1096, 2019
Everything is not everywhere: can marine compartments shape phytoplankton assemblages?
S Spatharis, V Lamprinou, A Meziti, KA Kormas, DD Danielidis, E Smeti, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286 (1914), 20191890, 2019
Effects of olive mill wastewater discharge on benthic biota in Mediterranean streams
E Smeti, E Kalogianni, I Karaouzas, S Laschou, E Tornés, ...
Environmental Pollution 254, 113057, 2019
Interplay between r- and K-strategists leads to phytoplankton underyielding under pulsed resource supply
LA Papanikolopoulou, E Smeti, DL Roelke, PG Dimitrakopoulos, ...
Oecologia 186, 755-764, 2018
Spatial factors control the structure of fish metacommunity in a Mediterranean intermittent river
L Vardakas, E Kalogianni, E Smeti, AN Economou, NT Skoulikidis, ...
Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology 20 (3), 346-356, 2020
Acute and sub-chronic toxicity bioassays of olive mill wastewater on the Eastern mosquitofish Gambusia holbrooki
I Leris, E Kalogianni, C Tsangaris, E Smeti, S Laschou, E Anastasopoulou, ...
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 175, 48-57, 2019
Spatial averaging and disturbance lead to high productivity in aquatic metacommunities
E Smeti, DL Roelke, S Spatharis
Oikos 125 (6), 812-820, 2016
A non-phylogenetic alpha diversity approach on prokaryotic community structure in aquatic systems
E Smeti, KA Kormas, S Spatharis
Ecological indicators 29, 361-366, 2013
Species extinctions strengthen the relationship between biodiversity and resource use efficiency
E Smeti, DL Roelke, G Tsirtsis, S Spatharis
Ecological Modelling 384, 75-86, 2018
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