David W. Ashmore
David W. Ashmore
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Massive subsurface ice formed by refreezing of ice-shelf melt ponds
B Hubbard, A Luckman, DW Ashmore, S Bevan, B Kulessa, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 11897, 2016
Intense winter surface melt on an Antarctic ice shelf
P Kuipers Munneke, AJ Luckman, SL Bevan, C Smeets, E Gilbert, ...
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Antarctic subglacial hydrology: current knowledge and future challenges
DW Ashmore, RG Bingham
Antarctic Science 26 (6), 758-773, 2014
Subglacial controls on the flow of Institute Ice Stream, West Antarctica
MJ Siegert, N Ross, J Li, DM Schroeder, D Rippin, D Ashmore, ...
Annals of Glaciology 57 (73), 19-24, 2016
Decline in surface melt duration on Larsen C ice shelf revealed by the Advanced Scatterometer (ASCAT)
SL Bevan, AJ Luckman, P Kuipers Munneke, B Hubbard, B Kulessa, ...
Earth and Space Science 5 (10), 578-591, 2018
Centuries of intense surface melt on Larsen C Ice Shelf
SL Bevan, A Luckman, B Hubbard, B Kulessa, D Ashmore, ...
The Cryosphere 11 (6), 2743-2753, 2017
Englacial architecture and age‐depth constraints across the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
DW Ashmore, RG Bingham, N Ross, MJ Siegert, TA Jordan, DWF Mair
Geophysical Research Letters 47 (6), e2019GL086663, 2020
Observationally constrained surface mass balance of Larsen C ice shelf, Antarctica
P Kuipers Munneke, D McGrath, B Medley, A Luckman, S Bevan, ...
The Cryosphere 11 (6), 2411-2426, 2017
Age‐depth stratigraphy of Pine Island Glacier inferred from airborne radar and ice‐core chronology
JA Bodart, RG Bingham, DW Ashmore, NB Karlsson, AS Hein, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 126 (4), e2020JF005927, 2021
Ice and firn heterogeneity within Larsen C Ice Shelf from borehole optical televiewing
DW Ashmore, B Hubbard, A Luckman, B Kulessa, S Bevan, A Booth, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 122 (5), 1139-1153, 2017
Looking through drumlins: testing the application of ground-penetrating rada
M Spagnolo, EC King, DW Ashmore, BR Rea, JC Ely, CD Clark
Journal of Glaciology 60 (224), 1126-1134, 2014
The relationship between sticky spots and radar reflectivity beneath an active West Antarctic ice stream
DW Ashmore, RG Bingham, RCA Hindmarsh, HFJ Corr, IR Joughin
Annals of Glaciology 55 (67), 29-38, 2014
Meltwater percolation, impermeable layer formation and runoff buffering on Devon Ice Cap, Canada
DW Ashmore, DWF Mair, DO Burgess
Journal of Glaciology 66 (255), 61-73, 2020
Massive subsurface ice formed by refreezing of ice-shelf melt ponds, Nat. Commun., 7, 1–6
B Hubbard, A Luckman, DW Ashmore, S Bevan, B Kulessa, PK Munneke, ...
Massive subsurface ice formed by refreezing of ice-shelf melt ponds, Nat. Commun., 7, 11897
B Hubbard, A Luckman, DW Ashmore, S Bevan, B Kulessa, ...
An updated seabed bathymetry beneath Larsen C ice shelf, Antarctic Peninsula
A Brisbourne, B Kulessa, T Hudson, L Harrison, P Holland, A Luckman, ...
Earth System Science Data 12 (2), 887-896, 2020
Proper orthogonal decomposition of ice velocity identifies drivers of flow variability at Sermeq Kujalleq (Jakobshavn Isbræ)
DW Ashmore, DWF Mair, JE Higham, S Brough, JM Lea, IJ Nias
The Cryosphere 16 (1), 219-236, 2022
Crevasse density, orientation and temporal variability at Narsap Sermia, Greenland
MVW de Vries, JM Lea, DW Ashmore
Journal of Glaciology 69 (277), 1125-1137, 2023
High mid-Holocene accumulation rates over West Antarctica inferred from a pervasive ice-penetrating radar reflector
JA Bodart, RG Bingham, DA Young, JA MacGregor, DW Ashmore, ...
The Cryosphere Discussions 2022, 1-22, 2022
Borehole density profiles reconstructed from calibrated optical televiewer (OPTV) logs from the northern sector of Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctica
B Hubbard, D Ashmore
Antarctica 10, c5fa84fb-f6e3, 2018
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