John T. Van Stan, II
John T. Van Stan, II
Associate Professor, Cleveland State University
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Temporal variability of stemflow volume in a beech-yellow poplar forest in relation to tree species and size
D Levia, J Van Stan, S Mage, P Kelley-Hauske
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JT Van Stan II, TG Pypker
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Inter‐ and intraspecific variation of stemflow production from Fagus grandifolia Ehrh. (American beech) and Liriodendron tulipifera L. (yellow poplar) in relation to …
JT Van Stan, DF Levia Jr
Ecohydrology: Ecosystems, Land and Water Process Interactions …, 2010
Efficiency of the reformulated Gash's interception model in semiarid afforestations
SMM Sadeghi, P Attarod, JT Van Stan II, TG Pypker, D Dunkerley
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Canopy structure in relation to hydrological and biogeochemical fluxes
TG Pypker, DF Levia, J Staelens, JTV Stan
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The importance of considering rainfall partitioning in afforestation initiatives in semiarid climates: A comparison of common planted tree species in Tehran, Iran
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Evolution of forest precipitation water storage measurement methods
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P Porada, JT Van Stan, A Kleidon
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Mini-review: stemflow as a resource limitation to near-stem soils
JT Van Stan, DA Gordon
Frontiers in Plant Science 9, 248, 2018
Impact of interacting bark structure and rainfall conditions on stemflow variability in a temperate beech-oak forest, central Germany
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JT Van Stan, A Stubbins
Limnology and Oceanography Letters 3 (3), 199-214, 2018
Atmospheric deposition and corresponding variability of stemflow chemistry across temporal scales in a mid-Atlantic broadleaved deciduous forest
DF Levia, JT Van Stan, CM Siegert, SP Inamdar, MJ Mitchell, SM Mage, ...
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The effects of phenoseason and storm characteristics on throughfall solute washoff and leaching dynamics from a temperate deciduous forest canopy
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Science of the Total Environment 430, 48-58, 2012
Development and testing of a snow interceptometer to quantify canopy water storage and interception processes in the rain/snow transition zone of the North Cascades, Washington …
KA Martin, JT Van Stan, SE Dickerson‐Lange, JA Lutz, JW Berman, ...
Water Resources Research 49 (6), 3243-3256, 2013
A global synthesis of throughfall and stemflow hydrometeorology
SMM Sadeghi, DA Gordon, JT Van Stan II
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Canopy hydrometeorological dynamics across a chronosequence of a globally invasive species, Ailanthus altissima (Mill., tree of heaven)
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Importance of transitional leaf states in canopy rainfall partitioning dynamics
SMM Sadeghi, JT Van Stan, TG Pypker, J Tamjidi, J Friesen, ...
European Journal of Forest Research 137 (1), 121-130, 2018
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