Gerbold C. Ménard
Gerbold C. Ménard
Permanent researcher, CNRS, LPENS
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Two-dimensional topological superconductivity in Pb/Co/Si (111)
GC Ménard, S Guissart, C Brun, RT Leriche, M Trif, F Debontridder, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 2040, 2017
Coherent long-range magnetic bound states in a superconductor
GC Ménard, S Guissart, C Brun, S Pons, VS Stolyarov, F Debontridder, ...
Nature Physics 11 (12), 1013-1016, 2015
Conductance-matrix symmetries of a three-terminal hybrid device
GC Ménard, GLR Anselmetti, EA Martinez, D Puglia, FK Malinowski, ...
Physical Review Letters 124 (3), 036802, 2020
Proximity effect between two superconductors spatially resolved by scanning tunneling spectroscopy
V Cherkez, JC Cuevas, C Brun, T Cren, G Ménard, F Debontridder, ...
Physical Review X 4 (1), 011033, 2014
Isolated pairs of Majorana zero modes in a disordered superconducting lead monolayer
GC Ménard, A Mesaros, C Brun, F Debontridder, D Roditchev, P Simon, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 2587, 2019
Closing of the induced gap in a hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanowire
D Puglia, EA Martinez, GC Ménard, A Pöschl, S Gronin, GC Gardner, ...
Physical Review B 103 (23), 235201, 2021
End-to-end correlated subgap states in hybrid nanowires
GLR Anselmetti, EA Martinez, GC Ménard, D Puglia, FK Malinowski, ...
Physical Review B 100 (20), 205412, 2019
Spin–Charge Interconversion in KTaO3 2D Electron Gases
LM Vicente‐Arche, J Bréhin, S Varotto, M Cosset‐Cheneau, S Mallik, ...
Advanced Materials 33 (43), 2102102, 2021
Unveiling odd-frequency pairing around a magnetic impurity in a superconductor
V Perrin, FLN Santos, GC Ménard, C Brun, T Cren, M Civelli, P Simon
Physical Review Letters 125 (11), 117003, 2020
Current-phase relations of InAs nanowire Josephson junctions: From interacting to multimode regimes
S Hart, Z Cui, G Ménard, M Deng, AE Antipov, RM Lutchyn, P Krogstrup, ...
Physical Review B 100 (6), 064523, 2019
Generating two continuous entangled microwave beams using a dc-biased Josephson junction
A Peugeot, G Ménard, S Dambach, M Westig, B Kubala, Y Mukharsky, ...
Physical Review X 11 (3), 031008, 2021
Radio-frequency methods for Majorana-based quantum devices: Fast charge sensing and phase-diagram mapping
D Razmadze, D Sabonis, FK Malinowski, GC Ménard, S Pauka, ...
Physical Review Applied 11 (6), 064011, 2019
Suppressing quasiparticle poisoning with a voltage-controlled filter
GC Ménard, FK Malinowski, D Puglia, DI Pikulin, T Karzig, B Bauer, ...
Phys. Rev. B 100, 165307, 2019
Superfluid stiffness of a KTaO3-based two-dimensional electron gas
S Mallik, GC Ménard, G Saïz, H Witt, J Lesueur, A Gloter, L Benfatto, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 4625, 2022
Yu-Shiba-Rusinov bound states versus topological edge states in Pb/Si (111)
GC Ménard, C Brun, R Leriche, M Trif, F Debontridder, D Demaille, ...
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 227, 2303-2313, 2019
Chiral Spin Texture in the Charge-Density-Wave Phase of the Correlated Metallic Monolayer
C Tresca, C Brun, T Bilgeri, G Menard, V Cherkez, R Federicci, D Longo, ...
Physical Review Letters 120 (19), 196402, 2018
Emission of photon multiplets by a dc-biased superconducting circuit
GC Ménard, A Peugeot, C Padurariu, C Rolland, B Kubala, Y Mukharsky, ...
Physical Review X 12 (2), 021006, 2022
From Low-Field Sondheimer Oscillations to High-Field Very Large and Linear Magnetoresistance in a SrTiO3-Based Two-Dimensional Electron Gas
S Mallik, GC Ménard, G Saïz, I Gilmutdinov, D Vignolles, C Proust, ...
Nano Letters 22 (1), 65-72, 2021
Observation of edge magnetoplasmon squeezing in a quantum Hall conductor
H Bartolomei, R Bisognin, H Kamata, JM Berroir, E Bocquillon, G Ménard, ...
Physical Review Letters 130 (10), 106201, 2023
Hybrid quantum systems with high-T superconducting resonators
Z Velluire-Pellat, E Maréchal, N Moulonguet, G Saïz, GC Ménard, ...
Scientific reports 13 (1), 14366, 2023
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