Francisco Albarrán-Arriagada
Francisco Albarrán-Arriagada
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Measurement-based adaptation protocol with quantum reinforcement learning
F Albarrán-Arriagada, JC Retamal, E Solano, L Lamata
Physical Review A 98 (4), 042315, 2018
Shortcuts to adiabaticity in digitized adiabatic quantum computing
NN Hegade, K Paul, Y Ding, M Sanz, F Albarrán-Arriagada, E Solano, ...
Physical Review Applied 15 (2), 024038, 2021
Role of quantum correlations in light-matter quantum heat engines
GA Barrios, F Albarrán-Arriagada, FA Cárdenas-López, G Romero, ...
Physical Review A 96 (5), 052119, 2017
Reconstruction of a photonic qubit state with reinforcement learning
S Yu, F Albarrán‐Arriagada, JC Retamal, YT Wang, W Liu, ZJ Ke, Y Meng, ...
Advanced Quantum Technologies 2 (7-8), 1800074, 2019
Reinforcement learning for semi-autonomous approximate quantum eigensolver
F Albarrán-Arriagada, JC Retamal, E Solano, L Lamata
Machine Learning: Science and Technology 1 (1), 015002, 2020
Digitized-counterdiabatic quantum approximate optimization algorithm
P Chandarana, NN Hegade, K Paul, F Albarrán-Arriagada, E Solano, ...
Physical Review Research 4 (1), 013141, 2022
One-way quantum computing in superconducting circuits
F Albarrán-Arriagada, GA Barrios, M Sanz, G Romero, L Lamata, ...
Physical Review A 97 (3), 032320, 2018
One-Photon Solutions to the Multiqubit Multimode Quantum Rabi Model for Fast -State Generation
J Peng, J Zheng, J Yu, P Tang, GA Barrios, J Zhong, E Solano, ...
Physical Review Letters 127 (4), 043604, 2021
Spin-1 models in the ultrastrong-coupling regime of circuit QED
F Albarrán-Arriagada, L Lamata, E Solano, G Romero, JC Retamal
Physical Review A 97 (2), 022306, 2018
Quantum mechanical engine for the quantum rabi model
G Alvarado Barrios, FJ Peña, F Albarrán-Arriagada, P Vargas, ...
Entropy 20 (10), 767, 2018
Digitized adiabatic quantum factorization
NN Hegade, K Paul, F Albarrán-Arriagada, X Chen, E Solano
Physical Review A 104 (5), L050403, 2021
Incoherent-mediator for quantum state transfer in the ultrastrong coupling regime
FA Cárdenas-López, F Albarrán-Arriagada, GA Barrios, JC Retamal, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-10, 2017
Generation of higher dimensional entangled states in quantum Rabi systems
F Albarrán-Arriagada, GA Barrios, FA Cárdenas-López, G Romero, ...
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 50 (18), 184001, 2017
Portfolio optimization with digitized-counterdiabatic quantum algorithms
NN Hegade, P Chandarana, K Paul, X Chen, F Albarrán-Arriagada, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2112.08347, 2021
Digital-analog quantum simulation of fermionic models
LC Céleri, D Huerga, F Albarrán-Arriagada, E Solano, M Sanz
arXiv preprint arXiv:2103.15689, 2021
Adaptive random quantum eigensolver
N Barraza, CY Pan, L Lamata, E Solano, F Albarrán-Arriagada
Physical Review A 105 (5), 052406, 2022
Entangled quantum memristors
S Kumar, FA Cárdenas-López, NN Hegade, X Chen, ...
Physical Review A 104 (6), 062605, 2021
Reconstruction of a Photonic Qubit State with Quantum Reinforcement Learning
S Yu, F Albarran-Arriagada, JC Retamal, YT Wang, W Liu, ZJ Ke, Y Meng, ...
ArXiv e-prints, 2018
Generation of maximally correlated states of (d⊗ d)-dimensional systems in the absence of entanglement
CE López, F Albarrán-Arriagada, S Allende, JC Retamal
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 120 (1), 10003, 2017
Superconducting circuit architecture for digital-analog quantum computing
J Yu, JC Retamal, M Sanz, E Solano, F Albarrán-Arriagada
EPJ Quantum Technology 9 (1), 1-35, 2022
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