Pavel Jenicek
Pavel Jenicek
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Defining the biomethane potential (BMP) of solid organic wastes and energy crops: a proposed protocol for batch assays
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Factors affecting nitrogen removal by nitritation/denitritation
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The activity of anaerobic biomass in thermophilic and mesophilic digesters at different loading rates
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Thermophilic versus mesophilic anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge: a comparative review
GD Gebreeyessus, P Jenicek
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Potentials and limits of anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge: energy self-sufficient municipal wastewater treatment plant?
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Microaeration for hydrogen sulfide removal in UASB reactor
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Energy self-sufficient sewage wastewater treatment plants: is optimized anaerobic sludge digestion the key?
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Use of microaerobic conditions for the improvement of anaerobic digestion of solid wastes
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Sustainable and innovative solutions for sewage sludge management
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Advantages of anaerobic digestion of sludge in microaerobic conditions
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Disintegration of excess activated sludge–evaluation and experience of full-scale applications
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Thermophilic process and enhancement of excess activated sludge degradability–two ways of intensification of sludge treatment in the Prague central wastewater treatment plant
J Zábranská, M Dohányos, P Jenicek, J Kutil
Water Science and Technology 41 (9), 265-272, 2000
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