Robin Kundrata
Robin Kundrata
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The phylogeny and limits of Elateridae (Insecta, Coleoptera): is there a common tendency of click beetles to soft‐bodiedness and neoteny?
R Kundrata, L Bocak
Zoologica Scripta 40 (4), 364-378, 2011
The comprehensive phylogeny of the superfamily Elateroidea (Coleoptera: Elateriformia)
R Kundrata, M Bocakova, L Bocak
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 76, 162-171, 2014
Integrated phylogenomics and fossil data illuminate the evolution of beetles
C Cai, E Tihelka, M Giacomelli, JF Lawrence, A Ślipiński, R Kundrata, ...
Royal Society Open Science 9 (3), 211771, 2022
The discovery of Iberobaeniidae (Coleoptera: Elateroidea): a new family of beetles from Spain, with immatures detected by environmental DNA sequencing
L Bocak, R Kundrata, CA Fernández, AP Vogler
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 283 (1830), 20152350, 2016
Next step toward a molecular phylogeny of click‐beetles (C oleoptera: E lateridae): redefinition of P ityobiinae, with a description of a new subfamily P arablacinae from the A …
R Kundrata, NL Gunter, H Douglas, L Bocak
Austral entomology 55 (3), 291-302, 2016
World catalogue of the genus-group names in Elateridae (Insecta, Coleoptera). Part I: Agrypninae, Campyloxeninae, Hemiopinae, Lissominae, Oestodinae, Parablacinae …
R Kundrata, M Kubaczkova, AS Prosvirov, HB Douglas, A Fojtikova, ...
ZooKeys 839, 83, 2019
Molecular phylogeny of the Byrrhoidea–Buprestoidea complex (Coleoptera, Elateriformia)
R Kundrata, MA Jäch, L Bocak
Zoologica Scripta 46 (2), 150-164, 2017
Molecular evidence for the subfamilial status of Tetralobinae (Coleoptera: Elateridae), with comments on parallel evolution of some phenotypic characters
R Kundrata, NL Gunter, D Janosikova, L Bocak
Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 76 (11), 137-145, 2018
Anchored phylogenomics, evolution and systematics of Elateridae: Are all bioluminescent Elateroidea derived click beetles?
HB Douglas, R Kundrata, AJ Brunke, HE Escalona, JT Chapados, J Eyres, ...
Biology 10 (6), 451, 2021
Position and relationships of Ripiphoridae (Coleoptera: Tenebrionoidea) inferred from ribosomal and mitochondrial molecular markers
J Batelka, R Kundrata, L Bocak
Annales zoologici 66 (1), 113-123, 2016
Predator-prey interactions between shell-boring beetle larvae and rock-dwelling land snails
E Baalbergen, R Helwerda, R Schelfhorst, RF Castillo Cajas, ...
PLoS One 9 (6), e100366, 2014
A revision of Euanoma and Pseudeuanoma (Coleoptera: Drilidae)
R Kundrata, L Bocák
Annales Zoologici 57 (3), 427-441, 2007
Sinopyrophorinae, a new subfamily of Elateridae (Coleoptera, Elateroidea) with the first record of a luminous click beetle in Asia and evidence for multiple origins of …
WX Bi, JW He, CC Chen, R Kundrata, XY Li
ZooKeys 864, 79, 2019
One less mystery in Coleoptera systematics: the position of Cydistinae (Elateriformia incertae sedis) resolved by multigene phylogenetic analysis
R Kundrata, SM Blank, AS Prosvirov, E Sormova, ML Gimmel, ...
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 187 (4), 1259-1277, 2019
Molecular phylogeny reveals the gradual evolutionary transition to soft-bodiedness in click-beetles and identifies Sub-Saharan Africa as a cradle of diversity for Drilini …
R Kundrata, L Bocak
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 187 (2), 413-452, 2019
Annotated catalogue of the click-beetle tribe Dimini (Coleoptera: Elateridae: Dendrometrinae)
R Kundrata, M Musalkova, M Kubaczkova
Zootaxa 4412 (1), 1–75-1–75, 2018
Taxonomic review of Drilini (Elateridae: Agrypninae) in Cameroon reveals high morphological diversity, including the discovery of five new genera
R Kundrata, L Bocak
Insect systematics & evolution 48 (5), 441-492, 2017
Hidden diversity in the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest: The discovery of Jurasaidae, a new beetle family (Coleoptera, Elateroidea) with neotenic females
SP Rosa, C Costa, K Kramp, R Kundrata
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 1544, 2020
The origin and diversity of Drilus Olivier, 1790 (Elateridae: Agrypninae: Drilini) in Crete based on mitochondrial phylogeny
R Kundrata, E Baalbergen, L Bocak, M Schilthuizen
Systematics and Biodiversity 13 (1), 52-75, 2015
Family Drilidae Blanchard, 1845
L Bocak, MA Branham, R Kundrata
Leschen, RAB, Beutel, RG & Lawrence, JF (Vol. Eds.), Coleoptera, Beetles 2 …, 2010
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