Akio Tomiyama
Akio Tomiyama
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Transverse migration of single bubbles in simple shear flows
A Tomiyama, H Tamai, I Zun, S Hosokawa
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Struggle with computational bubble dynamics
A Tomiyama
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A Tomiyama, I Kataoka, I Zun, T Sakaguchi
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A Sou, S Hosokawa, A Tomiyama
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A Tomiyama
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Drag, lift and virtual mass forces acting on a single bubble
A Tomiyama
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S Hosokawa, A Tomiyama, S Misaki, T Hamada
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D Lucas, A Tomiyama
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P Di Marco, W Grassi, G Memoli, T Takamasa, A Tomiyama, S Hosokawa
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S Hosokawa, A Tomiyama
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Drag coefficients of bubbles (1 st Report, Drag coefficients of a single bubble in a stagnant liquid)
A Tomiyama
Nihon Kikaigakkai Ronbunshu 61, 2357-2364, 1995
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GP Celata, F D’Annibale, P Di Marco, G Memoli, A Tomiyama
Experimental thermal and fluid science 31 (6), 609-623, 2007
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