Mohammad Hossein Abolbashari
Mohammad Hossein Abolbashari
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
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Analytical modeling of entropy generation for Casson nano-fluid flow induced by a stretching surface
MH Abolbashari, N Freidoonimehr, F Nazari, MM Rashidi
Advanced Powder Technology 26 (2), 542-552, 2015
Entropy analysis for an unsteady MHD flow past a stretching permeable surface in nano-fluid
MH Abolbashari, N Freidoonimehr, F Nazari, MM Rashidi
Powder Technology 267, 256-267, 2014
Analytical solution for thermoelastic waves propagation analysis in thick hollow cylinder based on Green–Naghdi model of coupled thermoelasticity
SM Hosseini, MH Abolbashari
Journal of Thermal Stresses 35 (4), 363-376, 2012
On various aspects of application of the evolutionary structural optimization method for 2D and 3D continuum structures
MH Abolbashari, S Keshavarzmanesh
Finite Elements in Analysis and Design 42 (6), 478-491, 2006
General analytical solution for elastic radial wave propagation and dynamic analysis of functionally graded thick hollow cylinders subjected to impact loading
SM Hosseini, MH Abolbashari
Acta Mechanica 212, 1-19, 2010
Hygro-thermo-electro-elastic response of a functionally graded piezoelectric cylinder resting on an elastic foundation subjected to non-axisymmetric loads
A Dini, MH Abolbashari
International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping 147, 21-40, 2016
Band structure analysis of wave propagation in piezoelectric nano-metamaterials as periodic nano-beams considering the small scale and surface effects
M Espo, MH Abolbashari, SM Hosseini
Acta Mechanica 231, 2877-2893, 2020
Lateral vibrations of embedded hetero-junction carbon nanotubes based on the nonlocal strain gradient theory: Analytical and differential quadrature element (DQE) methods
M Mohammadian, SM Hosseini, MH Abolbashari
Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 105, 68-82, 2019
Simulated annealing application for structural optimization
F Kolahan, MH Abolbashari, S Mohitzadeh
International Journal of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering 1 (11), 120-123, 2007
Mass and performance optimization of an airplane wing leading edge structure against bird strike using Taguchi-based grey relational analysis
H Pahange, MH Abolbashari
Chinese Journal of Aeronautics 29 (4), 934-944, 2016
Application of hetero junction CNTs as mass nanosensor using nonlocal strain gradient theory: an analytical solution
M Mohammadian, MH Abolbashari, SM Hosseini
Applied Mathematical Modelling 76, 26-49, 2019
A unified formulation for the analysis of temperature field in a thick hollow cylinder made of functionally graded materials with various grading patterns
SM Hosseini, MH Abolbashari
Heat transfer engineering 33 (3), 261-271, 2012
Shock-induced molar concentration wave propagation and coupled non-Fick diffusion–elasticity analysis using an analytical method
SA Hosseini, MH Abolbashari, SM Hosseini
Acta Mechanica 225 (12), 3591-3599, 2014
A multi-crack effects analysis and crack identification in functionally graded beams using particle swarm optimization algorithm and artificial neural network
MH Abolbashari, F Nazari, JS Rad
Structural engineering and mechanics: An international journal 51 (2), 299-313, 2014
Displacement time history analysis and radial wave propagation velocity in pressurized multiwall carbon nanotubes
ST Talebian, M Tahani, SM Hosseini, MH Abolbashari
Computational materials science 49 (2), 283-292, 2010
An analytical solution for thermal shock analysis of multiwall carbon nanotubes
ST Talebian, M Tahani, MH Abolbashari, SM Hosseini
Computational Materials Science 61, 291-297, 2012
Axial vibration of hetero-junction CNTs mass nanosensors by considering the effects of small scale and connecting region: An analytical solution
M Mohammadian, MH Abolbashari, SM Hosseini
Physica B: Condensed Matter 553, 137-150, 2019
Performance of the evolutionary structural optimization-based approaches with different criteria in the shape optimization of beams
HR Ghaffarianjam, MH Abolbashari
Finite elements in analysis and design 46 (4), 348-356, 2010
Effects of dimensional parameters and various boundary conditions on axisymmetric vibrations of multi-walled carbon nanotubes using a continuum model
ST Talebian, M Tahani, MH Abolbashari, SM Hosseini
Archive of Applied Mechanics 81, 1129-1140, 2011
Free vibration analysis of dissimilar connected CNTs with atomic imperfections and different locations of connecting region
M Mohammadian, SM Hosseini, MH Abolbashari
Physica B: Condensed Matter 524, 34-46, 2017
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