Segun Goh
Segun Goh
Postdoctoral fellow, Forschungszentrum Jülich
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Modification of the gravity model and application to the metropolitan Seoul subway system
S Goh, K Lee, JS Park, MY Choi
Physical Review E 86 (2), 026102, 2012
State diagram of a three-sphere microswimmer in a channel
A Daddi-Moussa-Ider, M Lisicki, AJTM Mathijssen, C Hoell, S Goh, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 30 (25), 254004, 2018
How complexity emerges in urban systems: Theory of urban morphology
S Goh, MY Choi, K Lee, K Kim
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Membrane penetration and trapping of an active particle
A Daddi-Moussa-Ider, S Goh, B Liebchen, C Hoell, AJTM Mathijssen, ...
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Emergence of criticality in the transportation passenger flow: scaling and renormalization in the Seoul bus system
S Goh, K Lee, MY Choi, JY Fortin
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Master equation approach to the intra-urban passenger flow and application to the Metropolitan Seoul Subway system
K Lee, S Goh, JS Park, WS Jung, MY Choi
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Emergence of skew distributions in controlled growth processes
S Goh, HW Kwon, MY Choi, JY Fortin
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Dynamics in a one-dimensional ferrogel model: relaxation, pairing, shock-wave propagation
S Goh, AM Menzel, H Löwen
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (22), 15037-15051, 2018
Accessibility Measurement in Transportation Networks and Application to the Seoul Bus System
K Lee, JS Park, S Goh, MY Choi
Geographical Analysis, 2018
Classical density functional theory for a two-dimensional isotropic ferrogel model with labeled particles
S Goh, R Wittmann, AM Menzel, H Löwen
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Discriminating between Weibull distributions and log-normal distributions emerging in branching processes
S Goh, HW Kwon, MY Choi
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Noisy pursuit and pattern formation of self-steering active particles
S Goh, RG Winkler, G Gompper
New Journal of Physics 24 (9), 093039, 2022
Time evolution of entropy in a growth model: Dependence on the description
S Goh, J Choi, MY Choi, BG Yoon
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 70, 12-21, 2017
Spatiotemporal distributions of population in Seoul: joint influence of ridership and accessibility of the subway system
JH Lee, S Goh, K Lee, MY Choi
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Numerical study of entrainment of the human circadian system and recovery by light treatment
SH Kim, S Goh, K Han, JW Kim, MY Choi
Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling 15 (1), 5, 2018
Phase transitions and relaxation dynamics of Ising models exchanging particles
S Goh, JY Fortin, MY Choi
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 466, 166-179, 2017
Noisy pursuit by a self-steering active particle in confinement (a)
M Gassner, S Goh, G Gompper, RG Winkler
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Spatiotemporal behaviors of the ridership of a public transportation system during an epidemic outbreak: case of MERS in Seoul
JH Lee, S Goh, JW Kim, K Lee, MY Choi
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 79, 1069-1077, 2021
Hub-Periphery Hierarchy in Bus Transportation Networks: Gini Coefficients and the Seoul Bus System
C Kim, S Goh, MS Choi, K Lee, MY Choi
Sustainability 12 (18), 7297, 2020
Statistical properties of human activity and criticality in active behavior
JH Lee, S Goh, SH Kim, JW Kim, YJ Lee, SJ Kim, MY Choi
Europhysics Letters 126 (6), 68001, 2019
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